4 Healthy Snacks for the ACT

Published on Thursday, May 26th, 2016 by

There’s one crucial aspect of preparing for the ACT that you may have missed. Many students overlook this, because it’s not as obvious as other test-day tips. But if you don’t prepare for it, it can derail your ACT performance. It’s called the snack attack.


Sure, you ate a good breakfast, but that was hours ago. Now that the English and math sections are over, your stomach is beginning to have conversations with you (and those around you). You have a short break before the reading and science sections, and you need a pick-me-up. While a nap may sound tempting, it’s not going to give you the energy you need to make it through the rest of the ACT. What should you do?


We recommend keeping a few healthy snacks on hand when you go into test day. Sorry, Mountain Dew and Doritos, you taste delicious, but we need something that won’t give us a sugar crash 20 minutes after eating. Here’s a few alternatives that will stretch you a lot further:


Oranges:  High in vitamin C, potassium, and folate, this citrus fruit rations out energy steadily over time instead of giving a quick sugar rush. Easy to peel, easy to eat, and you’ll benefit from the pectin and fiber in the fruit’s membranes.




Almonds:  Packed with protein, manganese, copper and riboflavin, almonds are a handy snack to keep in your bag. Copper and manganese play an essential role in your energy levels by neutralizing toxins within cells. Riboflavin aids oxygen-based energy production.



Eggs:  Scoff all you want, but eggs contain the highest complete form of protein your body is able to absorb. All of the essential amino acids you need to rebuild muscle are found here. For portability, your best choice is to hard-boil a few the night before or the morning of the ACT.



Yogurt:  If you can bring a small lunch bag that will keep foods cool, yogurt is a great snack to take with you. Rich in magnesium, which is crucial in releasing energy, yogurt also contains calcium. Grocery stores stock single-serve yogurts in a variety of flavors, so you’re sure to find one you’ll like.


Having one or two (or even all) of these snacks with you on test day will ward off the dreaded snack attack. They’ll also keep your energy level where it needs to be so you can crush the ACT.


What about you? What’s your go-to snack when you take the ACT? What keeps you going?