ACT Reading Tip of the Day

Published on Thursday, February 11th, 2016 by

Natural Science

Download and print the following passage. Your students will refer to it to answer the question. 

From the passage “Our Disappearing Bees” by Robert Queenston

According to the passage, who is planting hedgerows and wildflowers “for everybody else,” as quoted in the final paragraph (lines 62–69)?

A. Jessa Cruz

B. Chris Storm and the employees of Vino Farms

C. Ranchers in the Upper Midwest

D. The U.S. Department of Agriculture

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The correct answer is B. Choices A, C, and D are incorrect because the quote in these lines is not attributed to Jessa Cruz, Upper Midwest ranchers, or the USDA. Choice B is correct because it is Vino Farms’s director Chris Storm who is quoted as saying that Vino Farms is planting the bee-friendly crops for the benefit of their neighbors.