10 Bullet-Points You Need to Remember for the ACT English Test

Published on Wednesday, August 31st, 2016 by

We’ve given you valuable insights about the ACT English test in previous blog posts. But with this post, we wanted to share with you a few of the best tips from MasteryPrep’s ACT Boot Camp.

This list will give you some insight into the ACT English test, and if put to use, will help improve your ACT English score.

  • On the ACT English test you only have 45 minutes to answer 75 questions, or 30 seconds per question. Another way to look at it is you have 8 minutes to spend on each passage.
  • There isn’t a penalty for wrong answers, so if you don’t know an answer, go with your instinct. Be sure to make the best possible guess by eliminating the ones you’re certain are wrong.
  • Fill in every answer, even if your guess is a shot in the dark.
  • Head down and keep moving. Use every minute you have on the test to answer every question or to double check answers.
  • If you come across an answer where two of the choices are grammatically correct, read the answers aloud in your head and go with the one that sounds better.
  • It’s not always about finding the right answer; sometimes it’s better to look for the best answer.
  • Conciseness is often important, so be on the lookout for answers that provide the most meaning in the fewest words.
  • 20% of your English score is based on commas, so learn as much as you can about them. Comma usage is KEY to a higher ACT score.
  • If it sounds right, it probably is right, so go with it.
  • When in doubt, commas out!

The ACT English test is the most demanding of the ACT sections because of the time allotted to take it. If you learn and practice the tips in this article, you will improve on this section of the test.

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