5 Reasons why you should attend an ACT MasteryPrep Boot Camp

Published on Friday, September 23rd, 2016 by

ACT season is here, and that means students all over the country are beginning to realize that they spent their whole summer vacation on the beach, without studying for the ACT one time. We don’t blame you. Who really wants sand in their textbooks?

However, just because you didn’t take some time to study this summer while on break, doesn’t mean you need to panic. MasteryPrep is here to help. As ACT season picks up, we will be holding ACT Boot Camps all around the country to help better prepare students for the big test.

We know that our Boot Camps work. We have seen thousands of students improve their ACT scores by simply attending them. We encourage you to attend one if one is held in your area. If you can’t find one listed, have your parents, teacher, or principle reach out to us about holding one in your area. Information will be provided below on how to contact us.

Why should you attend a MasteryPrep ACT Boot Camp?

We are going to help you understand the content of the ACT
The ACT is a big test that asks that you pull from years of schooling to successfully complete it. But where do you begin? At an ACT Boot Camp we will help you learn the content of the ACT, what it is asking of you, what you need to study, and how to take it successfully.

We will show you the procedures to follow when taking the ACT
Yes, there are right ways and there are wrong ways to take the ACT. In our ACT Boot Camps, we show you which ways work and which do not. The key to getting the score you desire on the ACT is understanding how to properly take the ACT. We help you do that.

We show you the kinds of questions you can expect on the ACT
MasteryPrep has figured out the secret of ACT test making (we can’t tell you the secret, just trust us, we have TONS of data on how the ACT test makers make the test), and we share that in our ACT Boot Camps.

In order to get the score you desire on the ACT, you need to know what to expect. We show you exactly what you can expect on the ACT and how best to master it.

We give you tips and techniques on how to approach questions
One of the issues that many students have when taking the ACT is that they struggle with how to approach the questions on the test. Students sometimes feel like the test makers designed the test to trick them into the wrong answer, and while that is sometimes the case, if you know what to expect with the questions, you can easily overcome that.

In our Boot Camps we show you how the test makers try to trip up students, tips and tricks to overcoming their tricks, and techniques on how to properly answer the questions to the best of your abilities.

We  introduce you to test-taking strategies
Probably the biggest thing you can learn in regards to the ACT, and any standardized test, is to how to properly take the test. Test-taking techniques are typically nonspecific, and can be applied to most tests. We introduce techniques on how to take the ACT, properly reading and deciphering the questions, best practices for guessing, and much, much more.

The key to taking the ACT is knowing how, we help you do that in our ACT Boot Camps.

For more information on our MasteryPrep ACT Boot Camps, or to experience an ACT Boot Camp for yourself? Students, you can share this link with your counselors to get the ACT Boot Camp headed towards your school:

MasteryPrep ACT Boot Camp

Or you can contact us at:
Phone: 1-855-922-8773
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