TruScore SAT Testing & Analysis

TruScore SAT Testing & Analysis

Instant, actionable insights into SAT® performance. The foundation of a data-driven approach to SAT score improvement starts with TruScore. 

How It Works

Our TruScore Testing and Analysis system is the perfect way to start the year with the information you need.

After students take their practice tests, we provide detailed reports that give teachers clear test-taking skill metrics, powerful insights into student performance, and data-driven recommendations as to what actions to take to boost outcomes. This tool saves teachers time, saves schools money, and makes test result data much more manageable. 

Online Practice Testing
Online practice testing and analytics provide instant results and feedback. Watch these video guides to see how user-friendly online practice testing and analytics can be.

Materials and return shipping included
We include all materials necessary for administering your SAT practice tests as well as the return shipping for scoring. We’ve got you covered!

TruScore SAT Data Review included
Our TruScore SAT Data Review feature is free of charge and includes a custom half hour breakdown of students’ overall test performance, explanations of the test data, and recommendations for addressing students’ areas of need.

Aggregation makes seeing score trends easier
We aggregate your students’ test result data at the individual, class, school, and district levels so that you can drill down into trends and differentiate between student groups. This makes student needs much easier to assess and address.

Rich library of practice tests
With a TruScore school-wide license, students have access to up to three full-length SAT practice tests with new assessments added each year.

What's Included

Overview report-ACT Practice Testing
Overview Report

Overview of performance in each subject area across more than 20 key metrics including student composite and scale scores.

Student Score Report-ACT Practice Testing
Student Score Report

Available for students and parents. Provides score analysis, recommendations, and answer key in an easy-to-read, one-page format.

Subject Breakdown Report-ACT Practice Testing
Subject Breakdown Report

Detailed analysis of over 100 specific skills that are tested on the SAT. Specific enough for your teachers to take action. For example, instead of just giving geometry scores, we show that your students specifically need help with the Pythagorean Theorem.

Recommendations-ACT Practice Testing

Automatic recommendations based on our extensive research of 80 official SAT tests, 15,000 test items, and over 50 million real student performance data points.

test taking skills
Test-Taking Skills Report

Quantifies your students’ relative strengths and weaknesses in seven essential test-taking skills, including time management and the process of elimination.

Threshold Report

Helps you strategize on how many students are above or below your target SAT scores.

item analysis
Item Analysis

Shows how many of your students selected each answer choice for a test item.

Score Summary

Shows your students’ SAT scores in each subject area for easy reference.

answer maps
Answer Maps

See at a glance the answer choices that each student selected. Test data also available as .csv for easy analysis and sorting.

explanation videos
Explanation Videos (Coming Soon)

Detailed explanation videos are easy for students to follow and strengthen college readiness skills. Just because your students missed a question doesn’t mean they need to miss it again.

See for yourself what students will experience. 

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TruScore Study Hall

Practice testing helps you determine your students’ college readiness gaps. Study Hall (included with a TruScore school-wide license) helps you do something about it.

Learning is one click away

As students review their answers, they click “Learn more in Study Hall” to access instructional videos (over 150 in all) and additional practice questions.

Adaptive study recommendations: The TruScore algorithm recommends study topics based on student test scores and what they’re most likely to improve on.

Robust academic reinforcement: Over eight hours of video and hundreds of practice questions help your students bolster content mastery as well as test-taking skills.

Here’s what educators have to say about our TruScore system:

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