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ACT® Professional Development:

Decoding the ACT

A simple, practical guide to becoming an expert on improving ACT scores.

The Decoding the ACT Program Includes:

  • Decoding the ACT Book
  • More than 100 engaging training videos explaining every proven strategy
  • Access to certification test
  • Dozens of printables for use with your students
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This is a six-week course. Includes one year of access to all course videos. Videos accessible on-demand, on your schedule. Got questions? Email

How Decoding the ACT Works

By completing the Decoding the ACT Course, you’ll have all the tools you need to boost ACT scores campus-wide. Here is a small sample of what you will learn:

  • Subject Area Mastery: Each PD session is designed specifically for one of the four subject areas (English, math, reading, and science) and is packed with subject-specific tips and strategies. Content is key on the ACT, and we share strategies for content mastery, Common Core standard correlations, and a detailed analysis of what content the ACT treats as most important.
  • Motivation: Every standardized test asks students a hidden first question: Do you care about your score? We show you how to ensure that your students are motivated and want to perform well on the ACT.
  • Time Management: MasteryPrep has helped more than 100,000 students develop their time management skills on the ACT. We share what works to get students on-pace—and what doesn’t.
  • Process of Elimination: By developing this one skill, you can turn a poor test-taker into a fantastic test-taker. In Decoding the ACT, we show you how.
  • Guessing Strategies: Every standardized test is susceptible to guessing strategies, and the ACT is no exception. We share the most effective techniques and explain how to present them to your students.
  • Test-Taking Skills: Students will be taking tests for the rest of their lives. We break down what it means to develop test-taking skills and help your students master standardized tests.
  • Simple, Practical Tools: Including answer explanations and question categories to the ACT’s newest released test, 72-C.

Book Preview

The Decoding the ACT book is the first-ever teacher’s guide to the ACT itself. Based on an analysis of more than 10,000 ACT test items and more than two decades of released tests, Decoding the ACT shows you exactly what works and what doesn’t to boost ACT scores. This book gives you tips for helping your students master time management, test-taking, and content in all four test areas: English, math, reading, and science.

Video Preview

The heart of the Decoding the ACT Course is a collection more than 100 online videos providing a detailed, engaging breakdown of each skill covered in the Decoding the ACT book. These videos constitute the exact training you would receive in an intensive, in-person professional development program devoted to your subject area. Below are samples of videos from each of the major sections of the course.

The Most Complete ACT Prep Training Program

General Tips & Strategies
  • 2Printables
  • 5Time Management Strategies
  • 11Test-Taking Strategies
  • 3Content Strategies
  • 18Videos
  • 10Printables
  • 6Time Management Strategies
  • 19Test-Taking Strategies
  • 14Content Strategies
  • 75English Question Explanations
  • 37Videos
  • 10Printables
  • 10Time Management Strategies
  • 18Test-Taking Strategies
  • 17Content Strategies
  • 60Math Question Explanations
  • 42Videos
  • 10Printables
  • 14Time Management Strategies
  • 24Test-Taking Strategies
  • 11Content Strategies
  • 40Reading Question Explanations
  • 45Videos
  • 12Printables
  • 15Time Management Strategies
  • 22Test-Taking Strategies
  • 12Content Strategies
  • 40Science Question Explanations
  • 47Videos

For Every Educator

Whether you teach a core subject or not, you can boost ACT scores using these strategies. Many of the techniques you will learn from Decoding the ACT can be embedded into what you are already doing in the classroom. Your students won’t even know it’s ACT prep!

Proven Results

MasteryPrep has a long track record of providing quality ACT professional development that helps schools and school districts improve their average composite ACT scores by entire points.

Congratulations to these MasteryPrep partners who have made massive gains on their district-wide ACT composite scores:

Baker School District +1.9

Baker School District gained 1.9 points on the ACT, taking their score from a 15.6 to a 17.5!

DeSoto Parish School District +1.1

DeSoto Parish School District gained 1.1 points on the ACT, taking their score from a 18.1 to a 19.3!

Plaquemines School District +1.6

Plaquemines School District gained 1.6 points on the ACT, taking their score from a 18.6 to a 20.2!

What Teachers Say About MasteryPrep Professional Development

  • "Great training! It was probably the most informative workshop I have ever attended."

  • "This workshop was kind of a jump start for me for thinking in terms of ACT® preparation. Enjoyed it very much!"

  • "The information provided is practical and the speaker is knowledgeable not only about the strategies but the approach the students have in taking the ACT® and how to re-direct their attitudes and test-taking skills."

  • "I learned simple techniques to pass on to my students that can make a difference in their scores. Awesome info!"

Decoding the ACT Course Options

  • Single-Subject License

    This option provides a single teacher with the resources needed to become an expert in one particular subject on the ACT.

    $250.00 / subject
    $197.00 / subject

  • All Subjects License

    This option provides a single teacher the resources needed to become expert in all ACT subject areas.

    $600.00 / All four subjects
    $497.00 / All four subjects

  • Multi-Teacher License BEST VALUE

    For this option, there is a base price of $2,000 per school, plus $40.00 for each participating teacher. You will receive a Decoding the ACT guide for each participating teacher.

    $2,000.00 + $40.00 / teacher
    $1,297.00 + $40.00 / teacher

  • On-Site Training

    Request a MasteryPrep ACT prep expert to visit your campus and deliver an in-person Decoding the ACT professional development session.

    $3,500.00 / day + $40.00 / teacher
    $2,750.00 / day + $40.00 / teacher

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Individual Teacher License (1 subject)

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Individual Math Teacher License $197.00
Individual Reading Teacher License $197.00
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Individual Teacher License (all 4 Subjects)

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Individual Teacher License (all 4 subjects) $497.00

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Multi-Teacher License (all 4 subjects)

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Product Price Quantity
Multi-Teacher License (all 4 subjects) $1,297.00
Decoding the ACT Guide (minimum of 6) $40.00 / book

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In-Person Professional Development

Please select how many days of Professional Development and teacher guides you would like and click Add to Cart. Each participating teacher will require a guide.

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In-Person Professional Development $2,750.00 / day
Decoding the ACT Guide (minimum of 6) $40.00 / book

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