LA District Sees ACT Scores Improve

LA District Sees ACT Scores Improve

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Rapides Parish Schools prepped 786 seniors for the Oct. 22 ACT® by organizing MasteryPrep ACT Boot Camps across all 11 high schools. The results: 10 of the 11 schools increased their seniors’ ACT composite average, and 375 seniors improved their scores, furthering their post-secondary opportunities when they walk across the graduation stage next spring.

“This is our second year of implementing MasteryPrep resources on a district-wide unified front,” said Matt Byrnes, Director of Secondary Education for Rapides Parish School Board. “This fall, we not only paid for our seniors to take the test, but also, we scheduled boot camps within two weeks prior to give them a final boost. We were very pleased with the results.”

Engage. Empower. Elevate.

“Engage, Empower, Elevate” is the motto at Rapides Parish Schools, an Alexandria, Louisiana public school district with 20,000 students at 32 elementary, 17 middle, and 11 high schools.

This fall, RPSB learned from the Louisiana Department of Education that it achieved an 80.4 School Performance Score (SPS), the highest grade ever achieved for Rapides Parish under the current accountability formula, which includes ACT performance. Alexandria Senior High, Plainview High, and Pineville High earned ‘A’ letter grades.

Following this past October 22 ACT test date, Pineville High seniors jumped from an average of 21.1 to 22 with 62% of its seniors improving their scores. Buckeye High had the highest percentage of senior student growth with 66% of seniors improving their scores. Glenmora, Bolton, and Alexandria Senior high schools all had more than one-point ACT composite average increases, and five RPSB schools had more than 50% of its seniors improve their scores.

“The most common feedback I had from all our principals and administrators were that the MasteryPrep boot camps had effective, engaging, knowledgeable presenters who communicated with confidence the last-minute strategies, content review, and tips needed for the students to be successful on the real test,” said Byrnes.

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MasteryPrep offers Boot Camps in ACT, SAT, WorkKeys, EOC, and TSIA2. In the ACT Boot Camp, districts and schools can purchase a one-day workshop (6-hour in-person or 4-hour virtual) led by a MasteryPrep instructor who teaches pacing and time management, test-taking techniques and strategies, and a review of the highly tested content in English, Math, Reading and Science. All students receive a workbook to practice in during and following the boot camp.

Byrnes was introduced to MasteryPrep while Principal at Bolton. When he went to work at the district level, he pushed for the resources across 11 high schools, and even into some middle schools. RPSB also implements MasteryPrep TruScore Testing & Analysis for the ACT® at several of its schools. 

“When you have that buy-in, and you’re unified across the district with the same, consistent college readiness resources, then that unified effort, combined with the proper data tracking, metrics, and accountability, will continue to move our district forward.”

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