Texas School District Invests in MasteryPrep Resources

CCISD increased its CCMR Outcomes Bonus amounts, allowing the district to dedicate more funds to post-secondary opportunities for students.

In 2019, the Texas state legislature passed House Bill 3, which included the CCMR Outcomes Bonus to improve college, career, and military readiness for all students.   

Texas school districts earn funds when students reach certain benchmarks on a Texas Success Initiative (ACT®, SAT® and TSIA2) and enroll in college or receive an industry-based certification. These funds can be reinvested in future years to continue that pipeline of college and career readiness.  

After three years since the bill was introduced, Corpus Christi Independent School District is reinvesting in dedicated resources to accomplish their goals for CCMR accountability, bonus outcomes and student post-secondary success.   

CCISD has increased its CCMR Outcomes Bonus amounts, allowing the district to dedicate more funds to increase post-secondary opportunities for students, and the district has used a portion of those funds to partner with MasteryPrep to deliver college readiness resources on the ACT, SAT and TSIA2 

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“It’s a continued investment in our students,” said Vanessa Perez-Peterson, CCISD Coordinator for Advanced Academics. “Our district has undertaken a lot of efforts to achieve CCMR outcomes bonuses, and the biggest reasons are because we want to graduate more students and provide them pathways of opportunities after high school, and then we want to reinvest those monies into our future students who deserve the same opportunities.”  

Nine high schools throughout CCISD employ MasteryPrep products for all three tests (ACT, SAT and TSIA2), including Boot Camps, Elements, SnapCourse, Study Hall, Virtual Booster Classes and The College Playbook. CCISD increased the amount of MasteryPrep in-person boot camps for the 2022-23 school year and increased the number of students receiving MasteryPrep services, including now as early as eighth grade.  

"The boot camps are interactive and involve all the key areas our students need in test taking strategies; these are the important parts of the test, and here’s how you have to take the test, which is critical to improving their performance. We have added more boot camp sessions to the overall strategies we have to support students.”

CCISD has an Office of College Career and Military Readiness (CCMR) that works alongside the Offices of Advanced Academics, Career and Technical Education, Assessment and Accountability, and Guidance and Counseling to help promote college and career readiness throughout the district. The offices work with CCISDs AVID and CCMR departments to ensure students have a variety of options after graduation that will lead to future success.

Before the school year, Perez-Peterson said they met with every campus administrator and their teams to stress the importance of participation and attendance in and consistent use of MasteryPrep resources.  

CCISD leaders dedicated more effort to informing parents and students about the MasteryPrep products at each of the school campuses. MasteryPrep offers its partners a valuable CCMReady Academic Timeline – data-driven college readiness in a blended learning environment.

“Campus plans are submitted by each school that outline how they will use MasteryPrep resources and also how they will inform parents, students and guardians about the available opportunities,” she said. “Parents trying to schedule and pay for an outside tutor on any of these standardized tests can be expensive and time consuming. Through our partnership with MasteryPrep, we are providing opportunities to students throughout our district at no charge.” 

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MasteryPrep provides mastery-based college readiness services and resources for the SAT®, ACT®, TSIA2, EOC, and WorkKeys®. MasteryPrep is the nationally preferred SAT and ACT prep provider of the Council for Opportunity in Education and licensed by ACT to include official ACT test questions in its programs. MasteryPrep partners with schools and districts to help level the standardized assessment playing field. MasteryPrep has ranked among the Inc. 5000 “Fastest Growing Companies” for six years and is a featured “Entrepreneur 360” company.


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