Virtual Boot Camps

Virtual Boot Camps

MasteryPrep Virtual Boot Camps are proven to effectively boost scores and increase student confidence in just one day.

Now, through the use of our highly engaging virtual classrooms, our Boot Camps are better than ever! 

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*We will also be supporting in-person Boot Camps in compliance with your state and district’s safety guidelines. 

7 Reasons Why Virtual Boot Camps Work:

Games, quizzes, fun discussions, and group activities keep the instruction engaging.
High-energy instructors make prep something students look forward to.
Our software platform enables real-time monitoring so we can proactively intervene before students tune out.
Our teachers take the time to answer students’ questions and help them through problems.
Because each student is provided with books, internet connection is optional (since they can dial in and follow along in print), and even a smartphone connection enables a full experience.
Class recordings enable students to review the Boot Camp on demand and help them catch up if they missed out.
Our instructors are trained in and exemplify best practices in online teaching.
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High-Energy, Expert Instructors Ensure Student Engagement 

MasteryPrep instructors undergo a rigorous training process that ensures they have not only mastered the test prep content but also that they are prepared to utilize and embody distance learning practices. The result is that students stay engaged throughout the virtual Boot Camp and achieve better results.

  • Real time classroom monitoring and feedback 
  • Learning-focused chat window
  • Q&A function

“The instructor made it as if she was right there with you.”


“The instructors were great!! They were able to get the information across so clearly and effectively, and still managed to keep it fun and entertaining! The tips were so helpful! The class was definitely 10/10, and if they had another I would come back!”


“They made a fun and easier way to learn.”

Equitable for all Students 

Every student deserves access to high-quality prep. That’s why we make sure all of our virtual Boot Camp classes are easily accessible for everyone.

  • Students can access Boot Camps from any major browser on any device.
  • A recording of the event is available for students for up to six months after the event.
  • A phone dial-in option is also provided. 

Implementation Models:

  • Up to a full-day workshop during school hours
  • After-school or Saturday programming
  • Event can be split up over multiple afternoons

*Virtual Boot Camps are ideally taken 4-6 weeks in advance of test date.

What's Included:

Boost student confidence and inspire them to put their best foot forward on test day

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