Louisiana High School Partners with MasteryPrep

MasteryPrep’s ACT Boot Camps provide consistent resources and final test prep to help juniors at Beau Chene High School in Louisiana.

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Beau Chêne High School is the largest public high school in St. Landry Parish, Louisiana, with 845 students in grades 9-12. Since 2020, MasteryPrep has partnered with Beau Chêne High to teach annual ACT Boot Camps to junior classes of 150 students to provide that final test prep before the state-mandated ACT every spring. We discussed the benefits of having MasteryPrep resources on campus with Beau Chêne High Administrative Assistant Johnathan Eaglin.   

Beau Chêne has partnered with MasteryPrep since 2020. Describe your high school’s ACT test prep resources before MasteryPrep.

“Our resources were whatever teachers could put their hands on, and not necessarily anything universal. It was a true hodgepodge of resources with really no rhyme or reason. There was no unification where every teacher was using the same brand, same book, same drill, and same resources. 

Why was it important for Beau Chêne High to invest in ACT Boot Camps through MasteryPrep? ​

“The MasteryPrep ACT Boot Camps helped us put a bow on everything as to what we do to prep for the ACT as a unified front. It’s a wonderful show of force because every teacher, department, and kid know we are all on the same page. It’s a much more beautifully unified front.”

Why do the MasteryPrep ACT Boot Camps work for your students?

They don’t approach the test nearly as anxious as they would without that boot camp. The manual is an excellent resource for our students, and then the boot camp does not just concentrate on bringing up the score; there is a specific methodology to helping students figure out how do I take this test. The boot camps prepare them to work on timing, eliminating bad answers, skimming a passage properly, or getting through the X and Y axis on a graph with more speed and accuracy through the science section. Students are less nervous on this test because questions look familiar. After the boot camp, we tell them, ‘Don’t go in there thinking the test is going to own you. Go in there thinking the test is yours and you can handle this.MasteryPrep gives them that comfortability.”

What’s one of the favorite strategies your students enjoy from MasteryPrep Boot Camps?

I love that the boot camp begins with Do you know where your points come from? They see that they need this many more questions correct to earn the points they need. You can see their wheels start turning. For them to make that connection between question value, point value, and overall score, and then realize they don’t have to be perfect, but just get the points they need to earn the score they want, that’s eye opening. I also value the reading strategy breakdown of skimming and scanning and here’s how you get the information you need from a passage without having to read word by word. It’s so important to be efficient with your time.

What’s one of your biggest and most recent success stories on the ACT?

We have a young student on campus from a household of English as a Second Language. She always showed great promise, very bright in class, and always on her ‘A’ game. She prepped for the ACT, was in the high 20’s and finally earned a 30 on the test. Life is just an open door of opportunities now. An extra point or two can be a difference for a student to get into college, earn a partial scholarship, or a full scholarship. We recognize that anything is possible when students have the right prep and unified resources.

*Unpaid testimony. Results vary.

Beau Chene High School juniors participate in a MasteryPrep ACT Boot Camp
ACT Boot Camp

In just one day (6 hours in-person or 4 virtual), students will learn:

  • Pacing and time management
  • Essential test-taking techniques
  • Tips for most important question types
  • Effective guessing strategies

Implementation models:

  • Full-day workshop during school or after-school hours, or weekend programming
  • All virtual boot camps recorded for students who miss the event
  • A workbook for each student and practice

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