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ACT Mastery Does

Traditional ACT Test Prep Doesn't Work

Kevin McCabe 

"When we started, only 3 students were scoring an 18 or higher.

We ended the program with 21 students scoring 18 or higher, 18 of which scored 19 or above.

Cohen College Prep

New Orleans, Louisiana

We had students (including English learners) increase their score by 5-7 points. The highest gains were made by a student who started with a 14 and ended with a 21."

So what makes us different?


ACT Mastery is more than a review...

Over 90 chapters aligned to ACT College & Career Readiness Standards

Lesson content focuses on developing skills, not just test-taking tips

Each chapter concludes with ACT-style questions aligned to the relevant skill and standard

"It works! Our scores are moving up!"

Evelyn Nettles Hines

Principal, AL


Mastering the ACT starts with excellent data...

Each lesson kicks off with an entrance ticket to set the tone

Exit tickets capture and adjust data from day to day

Lessons are full of opportunities for both formal and informal assessment

Short, ACT-stylized tests measure all the progress your students have made

"This has been one of the best experiences working with an outside organization that I have ever had."

Judy Dotson

Carter County, KY

  • Teacher manuals walk through each lesson step by step
  • Slide decks and printouts hold student attention and provide additional resources
  • Our in-depth product training ensures that every teacher can feel like an ACT expert

No Gurus

Don't have an ACT expert on staff? No problem!

Change your ACT scores now—get ACT Mastery in your school!

Ready to see the difference ACT Mastery can make in your school?

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With our programs and specialized training, we aspire to equip all teachers with the right tools and strategies to properly prepare their students for college. 

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