ACT Boot Camp

ACT Boot Camp

Boost your students’ ACT® scores in just one day with an ACT Boot Camp! 

Better ACT Scores in Just One Day!

The final push your students need to score college ready on the ACT

Make sure to  get your ACT Boot Camp scheduled before the next national test date!

Check out the full testing schedule below to stay up to date on all national test dates.

 ACT National Test Dates:

• October 23rd, 2021

• December 11th, 2021

• February 12th, 2022

• April 2nd, 2022

• June 11th, 2022

Next ACT Test Date:


How It Works:

Your class time is valuable, but so are students’ ACT scores. With an ACT Boot Camp, you can give your students the final push they need to score college ready on the ACT with ZERO class interruption. 

In just one day, students will learn:

  • Pacing and time management
  • Test-taking and guessing strategies
  • Tips for the most important question types

MasteryPrep’s ACT Boot Camp is test prep that fits your schedule—even at the last minute. You provide the space, and we take care of everything else. No hassle, no stress, and no attendance limits. 
*Events held virtually are limited to 100 attendees per session.

A small sample of what your students will learn:

  • A million reasons to improve ACT scores
  • How many correct answers are needed for a desired score
  • A 5-minute lesson on how to guess twice as effectively
  • The difference between the right answer and the best answer
  • Which punctuation mark impacts 20% of the English score
  • What to do when their mind draws a blank during the test
  • How to turn a word problem into something more solvable
  • What question type determines over a third of the Reading score
  • How to stop over-thinking
  • The scientific method in 5 minutes
  • How to spot contradictions

We’re prepared to prep your students, no matter the learning environment.

 This is what we’re doing to have your back and help make your testing season a success:

  • No Change Fees: Absolutely no change or cancellation fees.
  • Backup Plan: A virtual Boot Camp backup is included free with all in-person programs.
  • Recordings: All virtual Boot Camps are recorded for students who miss the event. 
  • eBook Access: eBook access to Boot Camp workbooks can be provided as a free add-on to any participating student who needs it.
  • Intervention Packages: Now offering special spring intervention packages that lower your price while layering on additional online test prep supports.

Implementation Models:

  • Full-day workshop during school hours
  • After-school or Saturday programming
  • Virtual and in-person programs available

*Boot Camps are ideally taken 4-6 weeks in advance of test date.

What's Included:

MasteryPrep delivers over 1,000 Boot Camps to more than 75,000 students each year. Find out what makes our Boot Camps work by downloading a free sample.

Success Stories:

During the summer, I taught a 6 week camp for high school students. We gave each student a pre- and post- test. The results after using MasteryPrep were AMAZING! Out of 30 students, TWENTY of them improved their ACT scores! Some as much as 7 points! I am sold on the wonders of MasteryPrep.
Kimberly Hamilton, ACT Prep Teacher 
Berea College Upward Bound Math and Science, Berea, KY

ACT Boot Camp Success: Lee County Schools, North Carolina

Lee County delivered ACT Boot Camps to all of its high school students in classroom-sized groupings in the 2015-16 school year. As a result, its two high schools saw large increases in college readiness benchmark attainment. The school district increased from 48.0% to 57.7% of students achieving proficiency and achieved a district-wide composite score increase of +0.7 points. 

  • Average composite score increased from 17.5 to 18.2
  • Increased proficiency from 48% to 57.7% 

ACT Boot Camp Success: Pineville High School, Louisiana

Pineville High School delivered ACT Boot Camps to its junior and senior classes for three consecutive years. Each year, the school made significant progress towards its ACT goals. In 2013, Pineville’s ACT score was 20.4. This increased to 20.9 in 2014, to 21 in 2015, and finally to 21.3 in 2016. In 2016, the school was honored with a state ranking of A for the first time in its history.

  • Average composite score increased from 20.4 to 21.3
  • Increased proficiency from 70% to 88% 
  • Became an A-rated school 

Here’s what educators have to say about our ACT Boot Camp:

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