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Your school's ACT scores are a big deal, but so is your time.

Our ACT Boot Camp is the only one-day workshop designed to help students meet ACT college readiness standards.

We know you're busy, but you still want to make sure your students are prepared for their big test day.

We've got you covered!

MasteryPrep’s ACT Boot Camp is test prep that fits your schedule—even at the last minute. We've worked hard to develop practical, last-minute ACT prep for the “final hours” before test day.

Years of careful analysis and expert evaluation have gone into developing the lessons, essential skills, and strategies covered in the ACT Boot Camp.

Your students will be engaged while they learn some of the most helpful ACT tips, including:

  • Content-specific strategies 
  • Pacing and time management skills 
  • Test-taking strategies 
  • Tips for the most frequently tested question types

Schools using our ACT Boot Camp see an average overall increase of 1–2 points.

Want to know our secret?

We've done the research.

Teachers certified to educate and motivate.

A crucial part of all of our ACT Boot Camps are our trained instructors. 

A MasteryPrep-trained expert will lead students through their workbooks, sharing effective strategies and tips for your students to practice in the days leading up to their test date.

Your students will cover content-strategies for all four subjects tested on the ACT. Each subject comes with mini-tests that the instructor will use as a simulation of a real ACT test day. After students complete each mini-test, the instructor will go over any questions that the students might have gotten wrong or had difficulty solving.

Relax and leave the prepping to us!

Each student participating in an ACT Boot Camp will receive their own take-home ACT Boot Camp workbook for extra practice and study. 

The workbooks equip your students with actual ACT questions and detailed answer explanations for any questions where further clarification is needed.

Preparation beyond the one-day workshop.

For a sneak peek of the workbook, simply fill out this form and we'll send a free sample right to your inbox!

We know planning school events can be difficult—our schedules are flexible!

ACT Boot Camps can be scheduled during the school day or on the weekend. It's never too late for an ACT Boot Camp. We've specially designed our workshop to be implemented in the final weeks leading up to a test.

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“The day spent with the Boot Camp facilitator was fun for the students. He kept them engaged, interested, and participating. This experience gave the students the confidence they needed to go into the test eager to do their best.”

“My students absolutely loved the bootcamp! The facilitators gave very good insight and tips for the ACT. The insight was very beneficial as most of my students experienced a 2–3 point increase in performance on the actual test.”

“Students seemed engaged at all times and the instructor developed a great relationship with the students. Every student I spoke with said they were glad they signed up for the ACT Boot Camp.”

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With our programs and specialized training, we aspire to equip all teachers with the right tools and strategies to properly prepare their students for college.

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