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About the Program's Developer

Craig Gehring

Craig Gehring has helped tens of thousands of students reach their higher educational dreams since 2003, his junior year in high school, when he earned perfect scores on both the ACT and the SAT.

Craig has written several book series on mastering the ACT and leads the nation's fastest-growing ACT prep program. His ACT Mastery program averages more than a three-point improvement in only six weeks, four times better than the national test prep average.

Sample Agenda

You can see a sample of our ACT Boot Camp curriculum by visiting this page.

Test-Taking Strategies
  • A million reasons to improve ACT score
  • How many correct answers do you need to get the score you desire?
  • A 5-minute lesson on how to guess twice as effectively
  • What do you do when you draw a blank during the math test?
  • How to turn a word problem into something you can actually solve
  • The difference between the right answer and the best answer
  • What punctuation mark can determine up to 20% of your ACT English score?
  • What question type determines over a third of your score?
  • How to stop over-thinking
  • The scientific method in 5 minutes
  • How to spot contradictions

What Students Are Saying...

"Please come back! Your workshop was much needed."

"Thanks for sharing this experience with us. I think my score will improve."

"This was really helpful for a first-time ACT taker."

"I feel more confident with this test now."

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