TSIA2 Mastery Available for Texas Schools

First and Only Mastery-Based TSIA2 Prep Curricula Helps Students Meet TSI Benchmarks

MasteryPrep has launched TSIA2 Mastery, which provides a comprehensive review of every assessed standard on the TSIA2 and includes a TEKS alignment for every lesson. TSIA2 Mastery joins MasteryPrep’s growing list of TSIA2 resources, including TSIA2 Elements, TSIA2 Snap and TSIA2 Boot Camp, all to help your students meet the necessary TSI benchmarks and to assist your schools in meeting accountability standards.

"We learned a great deal about the structure and style of the test itself and gained insight into the frequency and nature of the topics assessed. By matching actual test items to the TSI standards, we saw a clear picture of what was tested and how they tested it."

TSIA2 Mastery provides the full blueprint for success. Students will experience uniquely engaging, effective, and differentiated lessons for every tested TSIA2 content standard. With a TEKS and TSIA2 standards alignment for each chapter, teachers can select relevant curriculum that helps students of all score ranges, making college readiness straightforward and scalable.



TSIA2 Mastery- ELAR


TSIA2 Mastery- Math