Tennessee School District Raises ACT Composite by 1.7 Points

35 More Students Score 21 or Better

Tennessee School District Raises ACT Composite by 1.7 Points

35 More Students Score 21 or Better

Carter County Schools

Invest. Focus. Dedicate. Rinse and Repeat.

For Carter County Schools, the formula to improve college and career readiness among its students is starting to pay dividends for the Tennessee school district.

“We continue to invest in high-quality test prep across all four high schools, so that our students can focus on improving their ACT scores. It takes year-round dedication among our administrators, teachers, and students. Our commitment to investment, focus, and dedication are all showing results.”

Carter County Schools, located in Elizabethton, Tennessee, improved its ACT composite average by 1.7 points to an 18.1, scored by its 2022-23 junior class, compared to the 16.4 composite scored by juniors in 2021-22. On the March 2023 statewide ACT, a total of 87 students district-wide scored 21 or better, compared to just 52 students the year prior. Chambers added that in 2022, 4 of the 11 high school subjects met growth expectations, while in 2023, 8 of the 11 high school subjects met growth expectations. Carter County Schools partners with MasteryPrep to deliver college readiness resources to four of the district’s high schools – Cloudland, Hampton, Happy Valley, and Unaka – reaching approximately 1,200 total students with MasteryPrep products.

Boot Camp Experience Leads to Investment in MasteryPrep Ready

The district invests in MasteryPrep Ready for the ACT®, which includes the entire, comprehensive suite of the company’s ACT college readiness support system, including ACT® Mastery, TruScore Testing & Analysis for the ACT® + adaptive prep with Study Hall, The College Playbook, ACT® Elements, ACT® SnapCourse, ACT® Boot Camps, and Decoding: A Teacher’s Guide to Prep for the ACT®.

“We were first exposed to MasteryPrep through the company’s boot camps, and that experience generated a lot of excitement because we saw immediate improvements. The proven results helped us get buy-in across the district that MasteryPrep needed to play an important role in our curriculum. Hence, our complete investment in MasteryPrep Ready.”

TruScore Testing & Analysis
TruScore Testing & Analysis for the ACT®

English Teacher Jason Ward, Unaka High School, said the MasteryPrep student workbooks, when combined with the slide presentations, allow the teachers and students to work through the subject matter together in a way that allows for questioning when students do not fully understand. The teacher is also provided with explanations to help students reach learning goals.

“The curriculum has helped our students increase their ACT scores in every subject area it was used. The program is well laid out and intuitive from both the teachers’ and students’ perspectives. The lessons are formatted in such a manner that they can easily be placed into formal lesson plans that are required by school administrators. In essence, the program isn’t more work for teachers, it may be less, and the results are far greater than most teachers could produce on their own.”

TruScore Mirrors Students’ Experience on the Real ACT

Another aspect Ward appreciates is “Mastery Prep does a great job of mirroring not only the subject matter, but the format of questions students will experience on the ACT.”

MasteryPrep’s TruScore Testing & Analysis for the ACT® incorporates five authentic ACT tests, and over 2,000 real ACT questions integrated into MasteryPrep Ready, further preparing students for the test-day experience.

“Mastery Prep does a great job of mirroring not only the subject matter, but the format of questions students will experience on the ACT.”

“Mastery Prep does a great job of mirroring not only the subject matter, but the format of questions students will experience on the ACT.”

Chambers said each of the four high schools have 45-minute periods of ACT prep every day, and for the 2023-24 school year, bell-ringers exercises have been implemented into additional classes. “Students are receiving some form or fashion of ACT prep every day, so the subject matter and question types from every subject are being consistently taught across the board,” Chambers said.

The TruScore practice tests are administered three times – a baseline one in the beginning of the school year, one before Christmas, and a final one in February before the statewide, mandated test in March.

“Timing and pacing are critical challenges students have to conquer on this test, so our practice tests mirror the timing of the real thing. TruScore is one of my favorites because students and teachers can see the data and the metrics in real-time and adjust to those strengths and weaknesses to improve on the real test.”

*Unpaid testimonial. Individual results may vary, and testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results. ACT score average and gain data courtesy of MasteryPrep client district and based on year over year ACT test data for the same cohort. All testimonials are real participants, and may not reflect the typical user’s experience, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.

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