MasteryPrep Practice Testing and Analysis:

The foundation of a data-driven approach to score improvement. Start the year with the data you need. Our fast turnaround means that your teachers are data-enabled from the beginning of the semester and ready to act when it matters most!

ACT Practice Testing and Analysis:

Gather deep insights into ACT performance with 24-hour turnaround. No-hassle, pencil and paper practice testing and analysis.  

TruScore Testing and Analysis

More to Come!

Get the data you really need to improve scores!

How It Works:

After students take the TruScore Practice Test, we provide detailed reports that give teachers clear test-taking skill metrics, powerful insights into student performance, and data-driven recommendations to boost outcomes. 

Pain-Free Test Administration and Grading:

No printing. No sorting. No grading. We provide all documents. We even furnish the return label. Simply stack the answer sheets in a box and send them back. We will receive your answer documents, score them, and send your results the next business day! 

Quantify Problems in Content and Test-Taking Skills:

Ever heard it said that your students are bad test-takers? Now you can see exactly where their problem areas are! Determine at a glance if there are issues with content, test-taking skills, or both. 

Instructional Focus and Remediation Plans:

 Subject-specific reports enable each department to set instructional priorities that will drive improvements in college readiness outcomes. We also incorporate student reports into individual remediation plans for seamless integration of college readiness skill development.

Delivery Timeline:

Beginning and end of each semester, school testing dates throughout the year

What's Included:

  • All test booklets and answer documents
  • Detailed procturing instructions so you can emulate the official ACT
  • Mailing label for returning the answer sheets
  • Full-color physical and digital score reports
  • Score reports segmented by district, school, teacher, class, and individual student
  • Expert data review and analysis
  • 215 answer explanation videos

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