MasteryPrep for Texas

MasteryPrep for Texas

Better STAAR and CCMR Scores

MasteryPrep for Better Scores, Ratings, and Funding

Texas school districts improve their accountability ratings and funding with MasteryPrep, a proven, TEKS-aligned assessment support for increasing STAAR EOC and CCMR outcomes.

Trusted District Partner

Over 200 Texas school districts partner with MasteryPrep, including:

“It’s a continued investment in our students. Our district has undertaken a lot of efforts to achieve CCMR Outcomes Bonuses because we want to graduate more students and provide them pathways after high school. Through our partnership with MasteryPrep, we are providing opportunities to students throughout our district.”
Vanessa Perez-Peterson
Corpus Christi ISD Coordinator for Advanced Academics
“In the past, if students took the test and failed, then they just took the test repeatedly. But now, with MasteryPrep, they can look at where they went wrong and better prepare for the next time. Having resources for our students to have something to help them prepare is meaningful.”
Todd Rogers
Principal Steele Early College High School
“TSIA2 Boot Camp is an engaging workshop that breaks the test down into manageable bites and helps kids go into testing feeling more relaxed and prepared.”
John “Bobby” Morris
Northwest ISD Director for College, Career, and Military Readiness
“The MasteryPrep facilitators did a wonderful job in easing some of the anxiety for our students. Many of the students commented that the training was very helpful for them as they took the TSIA. That boost of confidence was exactly what they needed.”
Mexia High School
Mexia High School

Proven STAAR and CCMR Results

88.9% of districts who used MasteryPrep STAAR EOC programs in 2022 improved their STAAR outcomes.

Significant improvement in every performance category:

  • +4.6% Approaching Grade Level
  • +4.2% Meets Grade Level
  • +3.7% Masters Grade Level

That equates to an extra 24.1 STAAR component points!

Budget Positive STAAR and CCMR Initiatives

84.5% of MasteryPrep CCMR District Partners have increased their CCMR Outcomes Bonus funding.

  • Average funding increase of 35%
  • 6.4x their average spend with MasteryPrep

Better performance ratings correlate with higher enrollments and funding.

[Insert specific correlation between TX ratings and funding levels.]

Complete Solution

MasteryPrep helps Texas high schools prepare students for every high-stakes test. Our complete suite of high school test preparation solutions impacts 8 out of 9 key accountability areas.

College, Career, and Military Readiness:


The MasteryPrep Program

The key to strong standardized test performance is to start early, master what matters, and finish strong.


TruScore Practice Testing

Identify gaps early and adapt.


Mastery Curriculum and SnapCourse

Master key content areas.


Boot Camps

Prep strong for test day.

Scalable, Sustainable Initiatives

Professional Development

Our programs all come with professional development led by certified MasteryPrep Instructors to ensure educators succeed with our resources.

Usage and Performance Monitoring

Monitor program progress in real time at the district, school, teacher, class, and student level.

Ongoing Training

Start of school isn’t the end of professional development. Multiple training milestones throughout the year

Direct Support

Educators and administrators get direct chat, email, and phone support with 5-star human onshore experts.

TEKS-First Design

Texas Only

MasteryPrep’s STAAR and TSIA2 programs were developed by Texas educators and standardized test experts, only for Texas schools and Texas tests.

TEKS Foundation

Our programs were built from the ground up from the TEKS standards and the STAAR and TSIA2 assessments. Every bit of content integrates and aligns to TEKS standards.


TEKS alignment and rich educators resources makes it easy for teachers to deliver assessment support with zero prep time.

MasteryPrep Works

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About MasteryPrep

MasteryPrep provides complete STAAR EOC and CCMR support, helping over 200 Texas school districts improve student performance, accountability scores, and funding.

MasteryPrep is a research-based, data-driven assessment support that applies modern educational best practices to the field of test preparation.

MasteryPrep has no consumer program. We focus only on serving schools and districts. MasteryPrep is the preferred provider of ACT and SAT preparation for the Council for Opportunity in Education, and is licensed by ACT, Inc. to include official ACT items in its programs. MasteryPrep is one of the fastest-growing education companies in the nation, reaching the Inc. 5000 for the sixth year in 2023.

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