Programs for Louisiana LEAP 2025 End of Course

Programs for Louisiana LEAP 2025 End of Course

No matter what you do, there may be some students who have difficulty passing their LEAP 2025 assessments. It can be challenging for educators to target all the areas where individual students struggle, and some students may be unable to connect concepts in they learned in the classroom to what’s on the test.

That’s where we come in.

A New Way to Prep for Louisiana's High-Stakes Tests.

Our all-new programming is directly aligned with Louisiana Student Standards and is specifically designed to increase the percentage of students scoring Mastery and Advanced on the LEAP 2025 assessments.

How it Works:

MasteryPrep’s Programming for LEAP 2025 is designed to increase the number of your students achieving Mastery and Advanced.

The process is simple. First, students take a diagnostic pre-test at the beginning of the year. This diagnostic will help teachers understand student strengths and weaknesses and guides program focus. After the pre-test, our SnapCourse provides students with an engaging, bingeable online learning experience targeted at the areas where specific students struggle.

The result? More students testing at Mastery and Advanced.

Programs for End of Course

Prep for all LEAP 2025 EOC Assessments:

Algebra 1


English I

English II

U.S. History


What's Included:


Programs for End of Course

Gauge your students’ understanding of the subject matter with a diagnostic pre-test. 

  • Adaptive pre-test quickly determines student ability level and provides performance insights.
  • Receive real-time analytics on student participation and performance as they work in the MasteryPrep platform.
  • Detailed reporting allows teachers to drill all the way down to the individual student and standard.


Programs for End of Course

SnapCourse provides students with an engaging, bingeable online learning experience targeted at the areas where specific students struggle.

The SnapCourse for Louisiana LEAP 2025 includes: 

  • Over 120 SnapCourses for each subject, covering nearly all of the LA Student Standards related to LEAP 2025
  • Lessons for all of the assessed standards that actually show up on the tests, proportional to what actually comes up on the test
  • Additional foundational SnapCourses that help teachers backtrack and bridge learning gaps
  • Practice for all of the tech-enabled items students will see on test day
  • Test-taking skill development embedded throughout the learning content 
  • Students tune out watching 3-minute videos. Our SnapCourses use a series of short microvideos proven to maintain focus.
  • Our videos respond to the choices students make. If they’re struggling, the virtual instructor breaks down the fundamentals.
  • The best way to learn is by doing. Students interact to progress.

Study Plan gives educators total control of their students’ assignments and learning paths.

  • Plan generator can automatically generate a general study plan based on the target number of study hours.
  • The adaptive sequencing engine can generate study plans personalized to each student’s own learning path. The engine selects lessons for the student based on difficulty, engagement, and score gain opportunity. 

Boot Camps

ACT Boot Camp

MasteryPrep’s LEAP 2025 Boot Camps are half-day events designed to increase the number of your students scoring Mastery and Advanced on the LEAP 2025 assessment.

Each Boot Camp focuses on a single subject and provides students the review and motivation they need to put their best foot forward on test day. You’ve worked all year to build student competence on the Louisiana state standards. The Boot Camps help your students connect what they’ve learned in school to how those skills will be assessed on the LEAP 2025 tests.

Each Boot Camp is led by a MasteryPrep-certified instructor who will arm your students with the tips, strategies, and reasoning skills they need to succeed on test day.

In just three hours, students will:

Six New Boot Camps Available for the LEAP 2025 End of Course Exams

Click each Boot Camp subject to view a table of contents.

Download a sample to get a sneak peak of lessons from our End of Course Boot Camps!

Three Ways to Boot Camp:

Live Virtual
An engaging, expert MasteryPrep instructor guides students through a live virtual workshop.
Live In-Person
A MasteryPrep expert visits on-sites and delivers a high-energy, high-impact program.
On-Demand SnapCourse
Students progress at their own pace through an adaptive program that simulates tutoring. Click here to learn more about MasteryPrep SnapCourse.
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What's Included:

Our Boot Camps for LEAP 2025 End of Course provide test prep that fits your schedule, even at the last minute. We take care of everything. No hassle, no stress, and no attendance limits.

The MasteryPrep Difference

Easy to Use

Easy to Monitor

It Works

End of Course Success:

East Feliciana High School, Louisiana

East Feliciana High School serves 382 students in Louisiana from grades 8–12. 93% of its students belong to minorities, and 86% are eligible for free or reduced lunch. After conducting a LEAP 2025 Geometry Boot Camp, the percentage of students scoring a passing grade increased from 22% to 57%.

LEAP 2025 Geometry Passing Grade

East Feliciana High School


*Unpaid testimonial. Individual results may vary, and testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results. LEAP Geometry data courtesy of client district. All testimonials are real participants, may not reflect the typical user's experience, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.


Students gave this event 4.45 stars out of 5!

“It’s the most helpful event I have ever been to. I hope I get to go back.”

“It gave me a refresher of material I might have forgotten. The content was outstanding. It was great. I would love to come again.”

“The presenter actually helped me find quicker ways to answer the questions.”

“The Boot Camp teaches you things you didn’t know and helps you with things you did not understand.”


What people say?

MasteryPrep delivers over 1,000 Boot Camps to more than 100,000 students each year. Students rate our workshops an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars. Here’s what some students and educators have to say about them:

"It is a safe and fun environment where the instructor made it exciting to engage. The course presented the information in a simple way that was easy to comprehend and remember."
Midland High School, Louisiana
"I came into this LEAP Boot Camp nervous about the test, but I came out very confident. I have a better understanding on what to do, and I feel more prepared."
Iota High School, Louisiana
"I would recommend mastery prep to a friend/peer because it's helpful and allows you to practice and see what you need to improve before taking Leap 2025."
Independence High School, Louisiana
"I enjoyed how informative and useful the program was. It seems like it can be very effective, especially in a hybrid-teaching environment."
Tristian Huerta
Math Teacher
"A huge thank you to Mr. Kimberly (MasteryPrep's instructor). He had our students engaged and answering and asking questions. The way he broke down information to our students was in a way that it made them think. Overall, it was a great experience for all the students and the Algebra 1 teacher. Thanks again for this opportunity."
Mico Cooper
"This camp allowed the students to get tips and strategies. Also, the mini-quizzes challenged them to attempt the questions using the strategies shared!
Sonia Dempsey

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