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Did you know that on any given test date, there are many different skills that could be tested by the ACT? Some skills are more important than others, but there’s no way to tell just by looking at a test.

When you ask a teacher to improve a class’s ACT scores, what should they focus on first? The answer to that question is different for each class, and for each student. Without the data, ACT test prep can become fruitless guessing games.

A teacher could spend 100 hours doing a great job teaching the wrong skills and have little impact on student test scores.

A teacher armed with the right data could spend 10 hours teaching the right skills to the same group of students and see average gains of three points or more.

The difference is the data. Your teachers need to know the students’ strengths and weaknesses, and it can’t be some broad generality, such as pre-algebra, if it’s actually going to be useful to guide instruction.

MasteryPrep’s revolutionary practice testing system helps you get better results by informing your teachers of exactly what your students need help with.

After a no-hassle practice test administration, you will receive action-oriented reports that spell out for your teachers exactly what they need to work on with their students. MasteryPrep provides you with the most comprehensive and user-friendly ACT practice test reports.

With MasteryPrep’s practice test reports, the guessing game is over. Your teachers can take effective action and get results.


Features List

  • Fast fulfillment and shipping
  • Preprinted pencil-and-paper test documents (digital also available)
  • Hassle-free grading—just ship your answer docs to us
  • Report packages tailored to your teachers’ needs
  • User-friendly reports & analytics
  • Summary reports
  • Subject breakdown reports
  • Test-taking skill reports
  • Threshold reports
  • Item analysis reports
  • Student score reports
  • Comprehensive glossaries
  • Rapid turnaround

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