Professional Development

Available Training Options

  • Product Training
    For teachers who will be using the ACT® Mastery program in the classroom.
    In this half-day training program, a MasteryPrep trainer orients your teachers to the ACT Mastery program and shows them how to use all of the tools that the program provides to them in order to improve student outcomes. Furthermore, our trainer reviews essential test-taking strategies and content that your teachers should particularly emphasize. It also includes training on using MasteryPrep Online to access digital presentations and practice questions, as well as training on our TruScore practice testing reports.
  • Mastering the ACT
    This professional learning event is for all core teachers.
    In this popular professional development program, we equip core teachers with the tools and practical ideas they need to boost ACT scores without wasting valuable class time or allowing prep to become a distraction. Teachers learn how to motivate their students and integrate score-boosting strategies into their lesson plans. This professional development program is provided in two varieties: a “Foundations” agenda for schools newly emphasizing ACT preparation, and an “Advanced” agenda for schools where teachers are fairly familiar with the ACT and how to improve student outcomes.
  • Certification Course
    The certification course is a three-day, on-site program that certifies teachers to instruct an ACT prep class using the ACT Mastery curriculum.
    Our certification course emulates the rigor and depth of our internal training program for our own instructors, including a dive into each subject area, extensive time spent on each test-taking strategy, and an entire segment dedicated to data analysis. By the end of this comprehensive training program, your teachers will know exactly what they need to do to boost student scores and will be experts in using the ACT Mastery program to maximum effect.
We can tailor our agenda to your school or district’s specific needs and provide workshops in any time format, from one hour to a three-day program.

ACT Sample AgendaBusiness convention and Presentation.

  • Ten inventive ways to incorporate ACT test prep in your classroom without causing distraction or losing class time
  • Five test prep pitfalls to avoid all costs
  • How to get your students motivated for the ACT
  • Why can’t my honor roll student get the test score he needs?
  • Key reasons students struggle on the ACT and how to fix them
  • What is the ACT actually measuring?
  • The secrets of how the test is scored
  • How to get every student on pace for timed tests
  • How to teach your students to guess twice as well
  • Nine must-have test-taking strategies for your students



Over 98% of teachers attending our workshops rate their experience positively. Over 90% of attendees ask us to come back for another session! Here is a small sample of what the teachers have to say:

“Great training! It was probably the most informative workshop I have ever attended.”

“This workshop was kind-of a jump start for me for thinking in terms of ACT preparation. Enjoyed it very much!”

“The information provided is practical, and the speaker is knowledgeable not only about the strategies, but the approach the students have in taking the ACT and how to re-direct their attitudes.”

“I learned simple techniques to pass on to my students that can make a difference in their scores. Awesome info!”

“The in-service was excellent! The MasteryPrep speaker was extremely knowledgeable and presented everything clearly. His presentation was exactly what we wanted. Thanks for all your help.”

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