Why Students Should Take the ACT More Than Once

Chalk Talk #38

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”

Now that the ACT is mandatory in most states and not just a test for students who know they are going to college, ACT scores have never mattered more! Higher scores mean a better future for your students and your school. That’s why students should do what it takes to get their best score possible.

Some students believe in the importance of taking the ACT 2 or 3 times, but not all. Maybe you have students who scored well enough and do not see the point in taking the ACT more than once. After all, what student wants to spend a Saturday taking an almost 3-hour test when they could be hanging with friends or relaxing at home?

To encourage your students to try, try again, they need to be made aware of the benefits of retaking the ACT and how sacrificing that one day could mean a better future for the rest of their lives.  Please share this list with your students.


8 Reasons Why You Should Take the ACT More Than Once:

  1. Colleges will only see the score you choose to send.
    • The ACT can be taken as many times as necessary (technically up to 12) and you can choose which score you wish to send. The college you send your scores to will not see any other score than the one chosen!
  2. Know more of what to expect.
    • Statistically speaking, you will have a 50-50 shot at improving your score the second time around (even without prep) since you know more about what to expect. The odds are even better if you take the time to improve your test-taking routine. 
  3. Learn your strengths and weaknesses
    • Once you receive your score report back, you can see what areas are your weakest and strongest. You can then develop a new study plan that focuses on those areas you need the most help in.
  4. Acceptance into the college you really want
    • A difference of just 1 or 2 points can mean acceptance into the college of your choice. Why settle for something less, when you can improve your score and go where you really want.
  5. More scholarship money
    • A higher score makes more scholarship money available to you, which means less of a financial burden and less student loans! Who wouldn’t want that?
  6. More confidence
    • Now that you know what to expect and have studied what you really need to know, you will be more confident taking the ACT. Higher confidence can mean a higher score!
  7. Consider what happened last time you took the test.
    • Were you sleep deprived, overly stressed, or getting over a cold? Anything that messes with your ability to function can mess with your score.
  8. Learn from past mistakes
    • Did you forget your calculator or not bring enough pencils? Maybe you didn’t eat a full breakfast or bring any snacks, so your stomach growled the whole test. If you have made any of these mistakes before, we bet you won’t ever make them again.

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