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Decoding the ACT is the ultimate one-day professional development course for boosting ACT scores. In this one-day course, teachers will learn everything they need to understand what the ACT measures and how it is scored. The Decoding the ACT guide provides teachers with strategies for incorporating test-taking skills into their everyday core curriculum and motivating students to succeed on the ACT and in academics in general. Using our 3 pillars of mastery, teachers are equipped to prepare every student to achieve a college-ready score on the ACT.

The 3 Pillars of Mastery

Time Mastery introduces the concept of time management and provides proven techniques for improving students’ ability to handle timed tests.

Test Mastery covers fundamental test-taking strategies applicable to all of the subject areas on the ACT and provides a foundation for all subject-specific, test-taking strategies found in the Decoding the ACT book.​​​​​​​

Content Mastery provides a framework for the content remediation strategies that boost ACT outcomes and prepares teachers to make the most of the content strategies provided later in the book for each test section.


Over 98% of teachers attending our workshops rate their experience positively. Over 90% of attendees ask us to come back for another session! Here is a small sample of what the teachers have to say:

“Great training! It was probably the most informative workshop I have ever attended.”

“This workshop was kind-of a jump start for me for thinking in terms of ACT preparation. Enjoyed it very much!”

“The information provided is practical, and the speaker is knowledgeable not only about the strategies, but the approach the students have in taking the ACT and how to re-direct their attitudes.”

“I learned simple techniques to pass on to my students that can make a difference in their scores. Awesome info!”

“The in-service was excellent! The MasteryPrep speaker was extremely knowledgeable and presented everything clearly. His presentation was exactly what we wanted. Thanks for all your help.”


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