Positive Thinking and the ACT

Chalk Talk #36

Attitude determines aptitude.

Think about a locker room before a big game. The energy is high as the players do their pre-game rituals and pump themselves up to bring home the big win. They are excited, anxious, and ready to give it their all. This is exactly how you want your students to feel before their “big game” (aka test day).  

Now think of the underdogs and how they must feel before a big game. They are probably feeling anxious and worried—just hoping they don’t get annihilated in the first half. Because they feel like they are going to lose, odds are they probably will.  

Performance is based on mindset. If your students feel as though they are going to score low on the ACT, then they will. A negative mindset causes lower energy and persistence levels, a weakened emotional state, and decreased problem-solving skills.

Check out this video to learn how you can help change your students’ attitudes towards the ACT:

Key Takeaway:

It is up to the student to stay motivated and ready to succeed.  However, just like how a coach supports and encourages their players to do their best, you can help your students realize the difference that a good attitude can make on test performance. 

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