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The best place to go for current, official information about the ACT is, but here you’ll find relevant information about the ACT as it applies to Louisiana.

ACT Fees

You have sign up to test at least three weeks before the test date, and even earlier if you want to avoid late fees. Late fees amount to $22.

It costs $35 to take the ACT test, and an additional $15.50 if you opt for the writing test, for a total fee of $50.50. We recommend that you take the writing test because many Louisiana universities, such as LSU, require an ACT writing score for entry into at least a portion of their programs, such as the LSU Honors College.

Some students are eligible for a fee waiver if they are in the 11th or 12th grade and meet an “indicator of economic need,” as listed on the ACT Waiver Form. You can’t apply for a fee waiver directly with ACTinstead, you obtain the form from your high school guidance counselor.

ACT Test Sections

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