One-Semester Course

The Only One-Semester Test Prep Curriculum Designed for Schools from the Bottom Up

The ACT® Mastery programs are laser-focused on helping schools and teachers succeed in test prep. Our one-semester course curriculum provides everything your teachers need: from beginning the first day of class fully prepared to helping your students master the ACT. Schools have been able to average a three-point gain with their students using our ACT® Mastery one-semester course. Learn more about why the ACT Mastery one-semester courses work so well.

A Comprehensive Test Prep Program

We provide everything that your teachers need to run the course, including the following:

  • Baseline practice testing and analysis
  • Lesson plans to get students motivated
  • English, math, reading, and science workbooks and/or digital access
  • An all-inclusive teacher’s manual with lesson plans for every instructional moment
  • A massive video library, which explains every key skill and practice test question
  • Over 40 mini-tests to help students improve pacing and reduce test anxiety
  • Additional practice tests with full analysis
  • Online or in-person training on exactly how to implement the program

A word of warning: Don’t be surprised if parents start calling in, demanding that their students get enrolled in your new one-semester ACT prep course!

Just Add Teachers

The amount of planning time and guesswork that goes into getting a test prep course off the ground can be overwhelming. Use the ACT Mastery one-semester courses as “just add water” solutions. Match your teachers with the resources they need to succeed. Learn more about schools that have equipped their teachers with ACT Mastery resources.

Complete Courses for Each Subject



Through the practice tests, students have the opportunity to review the skills that they need help with most, thus preparing them for anything they might see on the ACT English test. What’s more, the course includes a basic English glossary, which contains all the essential terms for the grammar skills most likely to be tested.




The ACT measures the limits of your knowledge of over 75 different and distinct math skills, and by the end of the ACT Mastery Math course, you’ll have covered them all. The full-length practice ACT math tests help students by reviewing the skills they most need help with and preparing them for anything that can come up on the ACT. Moreover, the course includes a basic math glossary, which includes definitions for the math concepts frequently tested on the ACT.



Reading level is the gate to a higher ACT reading score, and vocabulary is its key. To have the stamina and understanding necessary to master the ACT reading passages, students not only need to be equipped with reading strategies but a college reading level as well. ACT Mastery Online Student App teaches students the tactics needed to quickly decipher reading passages, all while teaching students more than 200 of the most commonly missed ACT-level vocabulary words. The full-length practice ACT reading tests help students improve reading stamina, confidence, and ability to concentrate during the ACT reading test.



This course guides students through the skills they need to master the ACT science test. It helps them overcome the overwhelming feeling of disorientation that comes with having to speed through seven science passages and 40 questions within a 35-minute time limit. This course helps students pick apart the test piece by piece so that they can understand all of it and can answer each question quickly and to the best of their ability.

The full-length practice ACT science tests are designed to simulate a real ACT testing environment and help students to improve their speed, certainty, and skill when deciphering ACT-level passages, graphs, and charts.


Featured School

Kentwood High School implemented the ACT Mastery program and moved from 19% of students scoring 18+ to 41% of students scoring 18+, an increase of 116%.

“ACT Mastery helped our students in ways that we were not expecting. The books were a great resource for us to use, and I would like to believe that they played a significant part of the growth that we experienced with our students. Thanks, ACT Mastery!” –Principal, Kentwood High School

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