Mark and Move: The Must-Have Strategy for Test Day

Chalk Talk #42

To help your students to achieve their highest possible scores, they need the right strategies in place. After all, you wouldn’t fight a vampire without garlic, right? The Mark and Move strategy is very simple, but it can have a BIG impact on student scores.

Typically, when students have a question they are unsure about on a test, they will scribble some sort of mark next to it and circle back around when they finish the rest of the questions. This creates two BIG problems:

  1. Transcription Errors: Students could accidentally fill in the empty answer bubbles with the answer for the next question, causing their entire answer sheet to be off.
  2. Blind Guesses: Most students run out of time by the end of the test section. So when they do come back to the problems they were unsure about, they are forced to make hurried, blind guesses.

With the Mark and Move strategy, these problems are easily avoidable.

Check out this video to learn more:

Mark and Move Strategy

The Mark and Move Strategy:

Instead of skipping a question and coming back to it, have your students mark their best answer in that moment and then move on. They should still put an identifying mark by the questions they don’t know so they can come back to them if they have time, but by putting down their best guess and moving on, they dramatically improve the odds of their guess being correct and have a better chance of avoiding transcription errors.

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