How to Leverage Your Intuition

Chalk Talk #40

“The only real valuable thing is intuition.”

Have you ever been stuck on a problem where you just can’t think of the right solution and then, as you’re going about your day, the solution suddenly comes to you? You can thank your intuition for that.

Intuition gives us the ability to know something by bridging the gap between the conscious and the subconscious. According to learning research, there is an easy, almost effortless way to leverage your intuition to solve problems.

Every problem on the ACT, no matter the difficulty, is worth one point. So, when you come to a problem you’re stuck on, it’s important that you don’t waste valuable time trying to solve it—you could use that same amount of time to answer several questions that you do understand. By leveraging your intuition and allowing it to do the work for you, you can save time and see a higher standardized test score.

How to leverage your intuition:

     Step 1: Take a problem as far as you can until you’re stuck.

     Step 2: Give it your best guess and move on. Remember to go with your first guess and       not overthink it!

     Step 3: As you make your way through the rest of the test, your subconscious will keep         working on that problem for you. Sometimes a detail from another question can trigger       the answer.

     Step 4: After you have worked through everything else, come back to the problem you         were stuck on. Chances are, there is an incorrect assumption or detail you have missed.       The answer may jump out at you.


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