Four Ways to Improve Pacing Without Eating Up Class Time

Chalk Talk #37

When it comes to the ACT, time is your worst enemy. Without the right strategy in place, time limits will keep students from scoring college ready.

 When it comes to test prep, improving content mastery is essential, but if you do not also improve time mastery, you are only helping your students win half the battle. Practice makes permanent—the way your students practice for the ACT will be how they perform, so time management must be integrated into all ACT practice.

By implementing the right practice techniques, you can see improvements in your students’ time management skills.

Four ways to improve pacing without eating up class time:

  1. Time limits in your other tests
    • The time limits do not have to be in keeping with ACT time limits, but just have some sort of limit to help students learn how to better manage time.
  2. Practicing ACT prep at the correct pace
    • If you don’t practice at the right pace you are reinforcing bad habits. Practice makes permanent.
  3. Speed drills with content already at proficiency
    • Practice content students have already mastered with a focus on improving speed (very important for the math portion).
  4. Reinforcing question skipping in classroom tests
    • Encourage students to answer questions they don’t know with their best guess and move on.

Check out this video to learn more about improving time mastery performance:

Do you have other ways you improve time mastery within the classroom? Drop a comment to let us know! 

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