Algebra I EOC Boot Camp

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MasteryPrep’s Algebra I EOC Boot Camp offers effective, last-minute EOC prep in the “final hours” before exam day. Our trained instructors will come to your school to teach students:

  • Content-specific strategies for all three topics covered on the exam
    • Introductory Algebra
    • Functions
    • Statistics & Probability
  • Algebra-specific test-taking strategies
    • The Algebra I EOC Boot Camp covers test-taking strategies to help students successfully navigate the exam. For example, a key strategy for getting a good score is for students to show their work as they complete the exam to avoid question traps and easily avoidable errors.
  • Tips for the most frequently tested question types
    • We’ve designed the most effective curriculum for getting students ready to pass the Algebra I EOC exam. In the Algebra I EOC Boot Camp, we address the most frequently tested question types to prepare students for what they’ll see on test day.

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