Boot Camps for North Carolina End of Course

Boot Camps for North Carolina End of Course

Our all-new Boot Camps are designed specifically to increase the percentage of students scoring Level 3 or higher on the North Carolina EOC assessments.

  • 3-hour Boot Camps for each North Carolina high school assessment:
    • NC Math 1
    • English II
  • Directly aligned to the NCSCOS for English Language Arts and Mathematics, with a focus on the most heavily assessed content areas.

Better Scores in Just One Day!

"Thank you MasteryPrep for implementing this course for schools to enjoy. I can guarantee I wouldn't have learned most of this outside of this class."
"The practice tests help students to know what they will be facing on the test. The strategies were useful and easy to remember. It was also extra helpful that the instructor went over how to get the answer for different question types. I loved the structure of the MasteryPrep Class!"
Stephanie Wood
Educator - Atlantic Coast High, FL

How Boot Camps Work:

MasteryPrep’s North Carolina EOC Boot Camps are half-day events designed to increase the number of your students achieving level 3 or higher.

Each Boot Camp focuses on a single subject and provides students the review and motivation they need to put their best foot forward on test day. You’ve worked all year to build student competence on the NCSCOS and North Carolina Essential Standards for Science. The boot camps help your students connect what they’ve learned in school to how those skills will be assessed on the tests. The result? More students testing on grade level.

Each Boot Camp is led by a MasteryPrep-certified instructor who will arm your students with the tips, strategies, and reasoning skills they need to succeed on test day.

Two Boot Camps Available for the North Carolina End of Course Exams

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Download a sample to get a sneak peak of lessons from our End of Course Boot Camps!

Prep for the Online North Carolina EOCs:

Students will be oriented to all aspects of the North Carolina End-of-Course Tests, including:

They’ll also get familiar with these question formats:

Boot Camp

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Why do students love our Boot Camps?

"It's the most helpful event I have ever been to. I hope I get to go back."
"It gave me a refresher of material I might have forgotten. The content was outstanding. It was great. I would love to come again."
"Continue this. It helped people like me who struggle."

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