Distance Learning for TRIO

MasteryPrep, in partnership with COE, is providing a series of test prep supports for all TRIO students.

Boost your students’ ACT and SAT scores with engaging online summer programming provided by MasteryPrep. Distance learning makes test prep easy, even if you can’t bring students on campus. Your students have never had online learning like this.

What It Includes:

30 hours of live, online classes led by our expert instructors.

Online pre- and post-tests measure progress and allow our instructors to adapt to your students’ needs.

Set of four ACT or SAT Mastery books, one for each subject, will be mailed directly to students.

The MasteryPrep Distance Learning Difference

See the difference yourself.


ACT/SAT Boot Camp

Add the perfect capstone to your summer program. Over 50,000 students attend MasteryPrep Boot Camps each year, and over 99% rate their experience positively. Now students can improve their core content proficiency and their time management and test-taking skills from home. Boost student confidence and inspire them to put their best foot forward on test day.

Professional Development

Professional development that educators love, now in a convenient online form factor. Every program needs at least one ACT or SAT expert. Now everyone on your team can be. Engaging PD Programs are available—live, online, or on-demand.

The College Playbook

Just because students can’t come on campus doesn’t mean they can’t get guidance navigating the peaks and valleys of the college admissions process. The College Playbook is the ultimate guide to the college entrance process: it’s like having a personal college admissions coach in your corner.

Check out how this will work for your program. Special pricing is available this summer only for TRIO programs.

Teacher and Student Testimonies:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you accommodate our schedule?

  • For each class (up to 30 hours) we can adapt the schedule to meet your needs. For example, we can provide the class 2 hours a day, 3 days a week for 5 weeks, or 1 hour a day for 6 weeks. If you need multiple classes provided simultaneously, we have you covered, or if you need longer sessions provided on the weekends, we can make that happen, too.


What if I just want the boot camp or the College Playbook program?

  • Stand-alone boot camps and College Playbook workshop series are available with slightly minimum attendance requirements.


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COE Summer Program Timeline:

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