ACT Improvement Planner FAQ

Published on Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 by

We’re excited to announce the launch of our FREE ACT Prep Planner, a web app that takes a school’s or district’s ACT scores and provides educators with insight into the skills most likely to improve students’ ACT scores.

The ACT Prep Planner app was built using MasteryPrep’s TruScore analytics, a data-driven score report system created by our team after analysis of two decades of ACT tests and more than 20 million student test item responses.

The free app is easy to use—simply enter your school’s or district’s ACT score information into the appropriate field and, just like magic, you can see strategy recommendations for the content areas your students need help with!

You can either use this information to guide classroom instruction or explore some of our ACT prep solutions that can be customized to focus on these skills and others tested on the ACT. From one-day Boot Camps hosted by expert MasteryPrep instructors, to semester-long programs your teachers can easily incorporate into the classroom, we’re here every step of the way to get all of your students graduating with a college-ready ACT score.


Where do I access the planner?


How do I save and share my institution’s ACT plan?

No registration or sign-in is required. When you generate your plan, it is saved to a unique web address. Simply bookmark the page or copy and paste the link. To share your plan, copy the link from the address bar in your browser and paste it where you want to share it.

Is my institution’s ACT plan private?

Only people who have the direct link can view it.

Why is my plan similar to another school or district’s?

If your institution has similar ACT scores to another school or district, then your recommendations will be similar as well. To generate this report, you are providing only your average scores for each subject area, so our software can’t tell the difference between two institutions with similar scores. Our TruScore ACT Practice Testing and Analysis software is able to provide much more granular insights than this.

Also, our recommendations take into account the weight of each skill, and so it is possible for a very heavily-weighted ACT skill to be recommended for focus across multiple score ranges.

Can someone go over these recommendations with me or my team?

Certainly. Please use the form below to request a call with one of our ACT experts.