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We’re here for the students other ACT prep forgot.

As more and more employers require college degrees for their entry-level job positions, there’s now the expectation that students should immediately enter college after graduating high school . This creates the supplementary expectation that by graduation, high school students would be academically prepared for college. What is considered college readiness may differ from state to state and school to school, but one thing is clear: too many underserved students are not graduating college ready.

In recent years, many states have adopted student success on the ACT as an accountability measure for grading and evaluating schools. Following this mandate, states have seen a notable drop in average student scores. This is due to the influx of underprivileged and unprepared students taking the ACT for the first time. Prior to a state mandate, this exam was reserved for students who could afford to take the test and who had a strong intention of enrolling in college post-graduation.

Making the ACT a measure of accountability benefits both schools and students. It is a well-documented fact that education is the leading factor in elevating a person’s economic standing. With an admissible ACT score and a chance at college, disadvantaged students can have the opportunity to increase their future potential earnings, thus leveling the playing field with those who have had the means to receive scholastic help throughout their education.

Commercial test prep was built for and is accustomed to only reaching out to students of a higher socioeconomic background. Before testing was mandated, the only students test prep catered to were those who had the means to invest in preparing for the ACT. Now all students are taking the test, and a great disparity is becoming apparent. Before MasteryPrep developed its mission to serve underprivileged students, no one was serving the majority of test takers. MasteryPrep is distinct from other commercial test prep companies because we service those students who have been left behind. While most test prep agencies tend to focus on students scoring a 24 or above on the ACT, MasteryPrep specifically focuses on students scoring below college-readiness standards.

Our materials revolve around teaching students who benefit from remedial education. While MasteryPrep can equally benefit students scoring in the higher ranges of the ACT, 24+, our keystone is helping students bring their scores up to college-ready standards.


Expect Dramatic Gains:2015-2016-louisiana-results

MasteryPrep has seen dramatic increases in scores from students who have participated in our Boot Camps and curriculum programs. On average, students receive a 4 point increase! Most commercial test prep programs only generate minor increases because starting scores are generally higher than average, and there is less growth potential. MasteryPrep is able to achieve unprecedented score gains because students who start at an underperforming level are finally able to receive the remediation they have been needing from our program, giving them the opportunity to close the score gap and achieve success that has alluded them in the past.

Our score increases are accomplishable because we teach the basic concepts tested on the ACT from the perspective of these students’ academic condition. The material on the ACT is broken down into accessible portions that address and test one skill set at a time. These skills establish a firm foundation that can then be built on, bringing low-scoring students all the way to college readiness.

MasteryPrep provides several avenues that administrators and teachers can use to help their students reach their desired scores on the ACT. We work with the capabilities of each school to provide a curriculum that introduces students to the rigors of the real ACT. Whether it’s a one-day Boot Camp, a subject-specific bell ringer lesson set, or a semester curriculum that walks students through each frequently tested topic in each subject, MasteryPrep’s available products contain an abundance of practice questions and passages that emulate the structure and complexity of the ACT.

MasteryPrep Successes:

“BRYC Fellows had overall gains of 1.14 average points composite…To put this in perspective, Caleb made an 8 pt gain in his ACT score after he began attending BRYC’s ACT program. Questbridge applicants have minimum ACT scores of 27, and BRYC’s ACT Prep put Caleb in that category. None of this would be possible without the amazing materials from Mastery Prep. Thanks for everything!”

Lauren Robinson
Baton Rouge Youth Coalition Director

“MasteryPrep is the catalyst for knocking down the barriers of access and success.”

Ngondi Kamatuk
Center for Educational Opportunities Programs Director
University of Kansas


“We have been delighted with the ACT online and classroom curriculum materials we have used from MasteryPrep. Our students are engaged and showing excellent progress in meeting their ACT and other goals. I have, over the years, tried many programs, but this has been by far the easiest to implement and most effective.”

Ron Abel
Director of TRiO programs
Southeastern Louisiana University


“The collaborative partnership with MasteryPrep for the SC State University TRiO and GEAR UP students from eight partner high schools has been phenomenal. During our 2016 Summer Enrichment Institutes, over 100 students received small group and individualized ‘Test Prep’ instruction of the ACT administration of ‘College-Readiness’ facilitated comprehensive and intense sessions that helped participants understand, familiarize, and comprehend all aspects of the ACT. The students reported that they were enlightened, challenged, inspired and encouraged to dissect the rigors of the examination matrix. Hence, the ACT sessions vicariously enhanced our students’ academic outlook for the regular school term.”

Larrie Butler
Director of TRiO/GEAR UP Programs
South Carolina State University

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