ACT Chalk Talk #27

Schools work hard to build a college-going culture, to make ACT prep accessible, and to motivate their students to plan for success after high school. However, all that work is for naught if your ACT prep approach actually demotivates students.

Watch out for these common motivation killers:

  1. Testing too much.
  2. Random ACT questions or bell ringers.
  3. Moving on to another skill without allowing the student to master the first.
  4. Not controlling the sequence of prep.
  5. Assuming the student knows and skipping the basics.

This video covers each in depth. Feel free to share with your team!

Feel free to share with your teachers.

These tips are adapted from our Decoding the ACT professional development program.

Written by: Craig Gehring, Founder and CEO of MasteryPrep

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