ACT Chalk Talk #25

One of the best ways to improve ACT scores is rigorous high school course work. So if your ACT prep disrupts your classes, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. 

In this video, I give 10 ideas for embedding ACT prep in the classroom. With some of these, your students won’t even know they’re working on the ACT. That’s ACT prep, stealth-mode.

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Here’s the full list.

    1. Structured ACT bell ringers

    2. Tweak tests to match ACT format

    3. Tweak lesson plans to review ACT content when it fits

    4. Introduce timing elements to your tests

    5. Reinforce test taking skills during your tests

    6. ACT mini-tests in homeroom or with subs

    7. Boot camps

    8. Online test prep coordinated by guidance counselor

    9. Add ACT challenge questions to your quizzes

    10. Open book tests

The planner tool mentioned in the video is available for free at

We train teachers on how to make the most of these recommendations in Decoding the ACT.

Also, if you want to implement “structured ACT bell ringers,” ACT  Elements has you covered.

Written by: Craig Gehring, Founder and CEO of MasteryPrep

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