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Tutoring Materials

To succeed, students need plenty of practice with authentic ACT questions and full-length tests. Our materials are custom-designed by our Master Tutors and only available when you participate in our tutoring program. The program includes everything your child needs to master time management, test-taking strategies, and the English, math, reading, and science content that matters most.

ACT Mastery Complete

Based on the most extensive analysis of ACT test items ever completed (other than by ACT, Inc. itself), the ACT Mastery Complete workbooks, when used as part of a complete tutoring program, make it possible for your child to fully master the English, math, reading, and science exams. These workbooks represent the most comprehensive and powerful ACT practice program on the market, and they are available only when you work with a MasteryPrep tutor.

ACT Mastery English Complete

ACT Mastery Math Complete

ACT Mastery Reading Complete

ACT Mastery Science Complete

ACT Boot Camp Workbook

The ACT Boot Camp Workbook is our comprehensive guide to time management and test-taking strategies on the ACT. Previously only available through attending our ACT Boot Camp workshops, this workbook is now an integral part of our ACT tutoring programs.

Real ACT Prep Guide, 3rd Edition

The Real ACT Prep Guide is a collection of 5 actual ACT tests released by ACT, Inc. We use this workbook during tutoring for essential practice to help students master the content and format of the test.

7 Full-Length ACT Practice Tests

Practice makes permanent. Only through rigorous practice will students retain the knowledge they need to make significant score gains. That’s why we provide 7 additional ACT practice tests as part of our tutoring materials.

This materials package is provided as part of our tutoring packages, and it provides students with the tools they need to complete their Path to Mastery study plans and boost their scores on the ACT.

MasteryPrep Tutoring Materials

As low as $50 per hour!
(Materials included free with purchase of tutoring)

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