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The Path to Mastery:
The Ultimate ACT Study Plan

To master the ACT, students must master time management, test-taking skills, and essential content in English, math, reading, and science. The Master Tutor determines a highly customized tutoring plan that helps your child make the fastest gains in all three areas.

Student with Tutor

Research-Driven Approach

The ACT test measures student ability in well over 100 different topics. By analyzing 10 million student responses and 50 actual ACT tests that have been administered over the past 20 years, MasteryPrep has determined what skills need to be focused on to ensure student success.

Tailor-Fit to Each Student

Each student's Path to Mastery is uniquely customized to his or her performance and needs. The ACT tutor supports the student through this study plan and helps them achieve mastery of time management, test-taking skills, and essential content.

We help our students achieve:

Time Mastery

The ACT is a timed test, and every second counts. Our tutors teach students unique strategies that help them answer questions quickly and with confidence. After working with our tutors, students can complete the ACT with time to spare, even on the difficult reading and science tests. Learn more >>

Test Mastery

Our tutors are experts at preparing students for standardized tests. By the time students complete the tutoring program, they are able to use dozens of powerful strategies for eliminating answer choices, effectively guessing on challenging questions, and really understanding the ACT's questioning methods. Learn More >>

Content Mastery

No matter how well students manage their time or use strategies to navigate the test, if they don't know the content that the ACT values most, they won't score well. We're called MasteryPrep, not ReviewPrep, because we help students master essential content, not just learn how to beat the test. Because our tutoring addresses this key third factor, there's no limit to how much students can improve. Learn More >>

MasteryPrep Tutoring Materials

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