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Master Tutors for Everyone

Many tutoring companies have "master tutors" who are the best in the industry but are only available at outrageous prices. At MasteryPrep, every single tutoring session is overseen by a veteran Master Tutor with a track record of accomplishing phenomenal results.

How the Master Tutor System Works

After your student takes an ACT practice test, a Master Tutor reviews the test results with your child’s tutor and develops your child's unique Path to Mastery. Your child's Master Tutor oversees the tutoring experience and reviews the notes from every tutoring session to ensure that your student has the best experience possible. Master Tutors verify that every session and every tutoring program meets MasteryPrep's exacting quality standards.

When the Going Gets Tough

It happens. A student gets stuck on a problem, or a time management strategy doesn't seem to be working. That's when Master Tutors step in to lend their expertise and help get things back on track.

Meet Our Lead Master Tutors

The founder of MasteryPrep, Craig Gehring, and MasteryPrep's Chief of Content and Training, Oliver Pope, head up the Master Tutor team.

Craig Gehring

Craig Gehring earned perfect scores on the ACT and SAT 14 years ago, and since that time he has been helping students master the ACT test. Craig founded MasteryPrep, now the nation’s leading provider of ACT preparation, to help schools and school districts improve their students’ ACT scores. Through MasteryPrep, Craig has helped more than 600 schools and school districts and more than a quarter of a million students improve their ACT scores. Craig is the author of more than a dozen test preparation books and is the developer of the ACT Boot Camp, the most popular ACT prep program in the country.

Oliver Pope

Oliver Pope is one of the nation's leading experts in ACT test preparation. Not only has he literally written the book on ACT test preparation (21 times!), but he has also personally tutored hundreds of students to make score gains of as high as 10 points! Oliver has a personal mastery of standardized tests unrivaled in the industry: he has consistently scored in the 99th percentile on any standardized test he has taken, from the ACT and SAT to the LSAT (No, he's not a lawyer; he just tests better than one). Oliver rose to the highest ranks of tutor and trainer at the world's largest test prep company before he came to MasteryPrep to help it become the nation's leading provider of ACT preparation.

MasteryPrep Tutoring Materials

As low as $50 per hour!
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