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Expert Tutors

Only the top 5% of applicants ever become tutors for MasteryPrep. Our tutors are trained to be complete experts on the ACT, and this is achieved by diligent study and practice of our materials.

Certified to Boost Your Scores

MasteryPrep tutors go through a rigorous training process that goes several steps beyond what other test prep companies expect of their tutors. When a tutor is MasteryPrep certified, they are an expert on the ACT, and they know exactly what to do to boost your child's scores.

Equipped to Succeed

MasteryPrep tutors have amazing tools to improve your child's score that are available from no other test preparation company. Our ACT Mastery Complete workbooks cover every single essential skill with a wide variety of authentic practice questions. Our practice test score report system provides detailed evaluations of areas your child needs to focus on. Our Path to Mastery system ensures that your child masters time management, test-taking skills, and essential content. Learn more about our ACT prep materials.

The Master Tutor Experience

Unlike other test prep companies, after initial certification, we monitor and coach our tutors to help them continually improve. These tutor supervisors are called Master Tutors. Our Master Tutors are constantly evaluating student performance and advising tutors on how to get the best results for their students. Learn more about ACT Master Tutors.

MasteryPrep Tutoring Materials

As low as $50 per hour!
(Materials included free with purchase of tutoring)

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