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Content Mastery: Essential Reinforcement in English, Math, Reading, and Science

No matter how well students manage their time or use strategies to navigate the test, if they don't know the content that the ACT values most, they won't score well. We're called MasteryPrep, not ReviewPrep, because we help students master essential content, not just learn how to beat the test. Because our tutoring addresses this key third factor, there's no limit to how much students can improve.

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ACT English Mastery

With the help of his or her tutor, the student will learn the ACT English content most likely to show up on the test. About 40 out of 75 questions on the ACT concern grammar, while the other 35 concern composition skills. Since many students we work with have not completed a grammar course since middle school, they can be at a disadvantage. Our tutoring program gives students a crash course on the most essential grammar and composition concepts to help them gain an edge on test day.

ACT Math Mastery

The ACT math test contains 60 questions on almost as many math concepts. Our research shows that there are more than 200 different types of questions that could show up on any given ACT math test. Our tutors are trained to focus on the exact topics needed to produce the best results. We make ACT math approachable for our students, and we help help them know what to expect when they enter the math section of the ACT test.

ACT Reading Mastery

The ACT reading test is considered by many students to be the most challenging section of the ACT. We help our students pace themselves through the reading passages, boost their own comprehension through powerful reading strategies, and master all of the question types the ACT can throw at them.

ACT Science Mastery

Many students who take the ACT science test are bewildered by how little their science classes have prepared them for this test. The ACT science test evaluates students' abilities to interpret graphs and data and correctly answer questions based solely on that information. Our tutor will teach your child how to properly read the information and how to transfer the appropriate facts when determining the best answers.

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