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Boost Your ACT Scores

Get ACT scores gains of 3, 5, 7 or more points through MasteryPrep tutoring.

Average Gains of 3-4 Points

Students participating in MasteryPrep programs average ACT scores gains between 3 and 4 points. Some of our students have been able to make score gains as high as 10 points.

The Leader in ACT Prep

MasteryPrep is the leading expert in ACT prep. We have helped more than 250,000 students boost their ACT scores. Learn more about MasteryPrep.

Real Score Gains, Not Gimmicks

We measure our score gains using only real ACT tests. No gimmicks. Just better scores, guaranteed.

Three Paths to Better ACT Scores

We help students master three major areas of ACT preparation, each of which can produce massive score gains individually but when combined form our winning approach.

Time Mastery

Students learn time management, how to use their time efficiently, how to read faster, and how to actually complete the ACT with time to spare. Learn more about our ACT time management strategies.

Test Mastery

Students learn the make-or-break test-taking skills that will give them an edge on test day including how to take a standardized test, how to guess on difficult questions, and dozens of other test-taking strategies such as the process of elimination. Learn more about our ACT test-taking skills strategies.

Content Mastery

Our team has analyzed more than 10,000 real ACT questions and has identified must-know content in English, math, reading, and science. Students learn the exact content they need to know as well as the way the ACT will ask them about it.

Expert, Honest Advice

Every student is unique. An expert tutor will be direct with you on what it will take to boost your child's score. We're always realistic, and we'll advise you candidly on what needs to happen for your child to reach his or her goal.

Click here to contact an expert tutor for advice at no charge, or call us directly: 855-922-8773

MasteryPrep Tutoring Materials

As low as $50 per hour!
(Materials included free with purchase of tutoring)

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