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ACT Practice Testing

Upon entering our tutoring program, each student participates in an ACT practice test and receives a detailed analysis and score report. This information lets our Master Tutors create a customized study plan that actually works to best benefit for your student. No two students are the same, and no two tutoring programs should follow exactly the same sequence.

Student with Tutor

Data-Driven Tutoring

It's this practice test data that allows us to be laser-precise in our tutoring and make 2-3 times as much progress as other tutoring companies in the same amount of time. Instead of practicing a broad range of skills, we will be able to use this data to immediately focus on what will best increase your student’s mastery.

100+ Skill Areas Analyzed

Our score reports provide you not only with an overview of performance in each subject area, but also with detailed insight into your strengths and weaknesses in over 100 skill areas.

400+ Video Explanations

What's more, you'll receive a digital version of this report where you can click any question for a detailed online video explanation by MasteryPrep's founder, Craig Gehring.

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MasteryPrep Tutoring Materials

As low as $50 per hour!
(Materials included free with purchase of tutoring)

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