Strategies for Taking the ACT English Test

  Even the highest achieving student can find the English section of the ACT challenging. However, the ACT is just like any other test; you can be confident in finishing it if you familiarize yourself with the content beforehand. MasteryPrep removes the mystery of the ACT by getting you acquainted with the rigor and question […]

Boost Your Score on the ACT English Test

We at MasteryPrep work hard to find the best tips and strategies that will boost your ACT score as much as possible. In our one-day Boot Camps and daily ACT prep classes, we have helped students achieve an average 2–5 point increase in their overall ACT score. All they did was follow the strategies we […]

Tips for a Month before the Test

This is the last post in our Parent’s Guide to the SAT and ACT.  Congrats on making it all the way though! In this final post we cover some tips you can use in preparation for test day that will help your child perform as well as possible.   These are “no joke” tips that […]

An Environment of Excellence

In the ninth post of our Parent’s Guide to the SAT and ACT, we share how you can instill in your child a desire to succeed and keep their expectations high. Mindset matters, and the more positive feedback your child hears from you, the better they will do. Believe in them and they will believe […]

The Importance of Vocabulary

In the eighth post of our Parent’s Guide to the SAT and ACT, we explain the importance of vocabulary, high reading levels, and what you can do to help your child succeed. This episode is a must-listen that exposes the ONE thing that will make a huge difference for your child, not only on the […]

Talent vs. Mastery

In our seventh post of the Parent’s Guide to the SAT and ACT, we explain the difference between talent and mastery and why almost any student can excel on the SAT and ACT.   Every child is capable of learning what they need in order to get the score they want. The key is realizing […]

The Definition of Mastery

In the sixth post of our Parent’s Guide to the SAT and ACT, we give tips that will improve your child’s score by instilling in them an understanding of mastery. We explain why your child shouldn’t just have an understanding of the subjects tested on the SAT and ACT, but they should master these subjects […]

Should You Pay for an ACT or SAT Prep Course?

In our fifth post in the Parents’ Guide to the SAT and ACT, we discuss whether or not you should pay for an ACT or SAT prep class, whether these classes are an effective strategy for your child, and if there is a “cheaper” option, such as hiring a tutor. Make sure you don’t miss […]

Bring in the Cavalry: Tutors

In our fourth post in the Parents’ Guide to the SAT and ACT, we help you identify when your child needs a tutor, find the best tutor, and explain why a tutor isn’t a “one time” thing. We’ll also give some tips so you can get the most for your money. Did you miss our […]

ACT ASPIRE Science Tip

Download and read the following PASSAGE I According to Table 1, as the number of dead crows and blue jays increased from 0 to 4, the percentage of households in which one or more people were infected by West Nile virus: F. increased only. G. decreased only. H. increased, then decreased. J. alternated between decreasing […]