Warning: 5th Grade Math Can Kill Your ACT Score

A warning to anyone who is having some trouble with the math section of the SAT or ACT (or with high school math in general): Chances are, your difficulties started far earlier than algebra II or geometry. Students often have difficulties with these advanced subjects when they also have trouble doing the basic operations of math, such as multiplication […]

ACT Math Practice Question: Functions

If f(x) = 5×2 – 3x – 2, then f(-4) = ? A. -70 B. -4 C. 70 D. 80 E. 90     Scroll down for solution.                   If f(x) = 5×2 – 3x – 2, then f(-4) = ? A. -70 B. -4 C. 70 D. 80 E. 90 The […]

Skipping to the Questions on the ACT Reading Test

You may have heard an ACT reading test tactic that suggests reading the questions first, instead of reading the passages. Here are three words of advice: Don’t do it! Look at any ACT reading test and take note of how many questions make sense without the context of the passage they refer to.  In almost all of the […]

ACT Math Practice Question – Rates

A sink hole with a depth of 450 cm is being filled in at a rate of 2 cm per week. The depth of another nearby sinkhole is 500 cm, and it is being filled at a rate of 4 cm per week. Assuming the sinkholes continue to be filled at these constant rates, in […]

Frequently Asked Questions by Principals and District Administrators

What are the key ingredients to successful ACT prep for underperforming students? ACT prep for an underperforming student looks much more like remediation than a test prep cram session. Students who are unable to score an 18, 19, or 20 are missing questions on the ACT that correlate to 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th grade […]

ACT® Mastery Books

The ACT® Mastery workbooks make up the core of the ACT® Mastery program and guide students through what they need to learn in each subject area to be able to succeed on the ACT. Learn more about each of these workbooks: ACT® Mastery English Workbook ACT® Mastery Math Workbook ACT® Mastery Reading Workbook ACT® Mastery […]

ACT® Mastery Professional Development

ACT® Mastery helps your school deliver exceptional ACT prep services to your students by training your staff on exactly what the ACT is testing and how it goes about testing it, so that your teachers can incorporate effective ACT prep strategies in their lessons and close achievement gaps. For many students, the ACT is the […]

In-School ACT Prep

Training and resources to deliver exceptional ACT prep services in your school. Click here to read a brief summary on ACT® Mastery in schools. Program Summary The purpose of ACT® Mastery is to improve student ACT composite scores by helping students to master the skills most likely to be tested. ACT® Mastery provides the training, […]

How the Great Gatsby Can Boost Your ACT Score

The Great Gatsby only went to Oxford for five months, but here are some ACT prep takeaways from his story that could get you there for four years. Warning: If you’ve never read or seen Gatsby, this is a bit of a spoiler. Dos and Dont’s Focus. Jay Gatsby focused his entire life in pursuit […]