3 Facts and 1 Myth Every Principal Should Know about the ACT

In this invitation-only webinar for high school principals and administrators, you’ll learn: The one hidden question on the front of every ACT® test Why student GPA doesn’t match ACT scores The most important thing to focus on to improve ACT outcomes One critical ACT myth that can be fatal to ACT improvement efforts

ACT Science Tips

Conflicting Viewpoints Passage 1. Identify the arguing scientists. There will be only one Conflicting Viewpoints passage on the Science test. The passage features two or more scientists, students, or theories that are in conflict with one another. Unlike other passages, there usually won’t be charts or graphs, and only rarely will there be figures. Students […]

ACT Test-Taking Tips

1. Pace Yourself Students should give themselves eight minutes per passage in English and reading, about five minutes per science passage, and about one minute per math question. 2. Cherry Pick Every question is worth exactly one point. If a question is perplexing or students don’t know what to do with it after 10 or 15 seconds, they should […]

ACT English Tips

1. Commas cause pauses Commas are not sprinkles. You can’t happily pour them everywhere. You definitely can’t use them every time the reader might pause. That being said, a comma almost always causes a pause. If an answer choice uses a comma in a place that makes a pause awkward, you should eliminate it. 2. No solo […]

Blind Guessing

Student question: I’m a junior, and I’m taking the ACT this Saturday. I’m worried about the guessing. If I don’t understand a question, which letter do you recommend for me to guess: A, B, C, or D?   MasteryPrep’s advice: When you need to guess, first eliminate any choice that’s obviously wrong. Then go with […]

Tips for Time Management on the ACT English Test

With only 45 minutes to answer 75 questions, you must answer a question every 30 seconds. Give yourself eight minutes per passage to help you keep track of time! If you maintain this pace, you’ll get through the entire test with five minutes to spare. Most students miss the last questions because they run out […]

How to Get Ten Extra Minutes on the ACT Math Test

How much would your score improve if you had an extra ten minutes on the ACT Math section? By pacing yourself, and by practicing in order to improve your speed, you can grab an extra ten minutes or more for the tougher questions towards the end of the test. You want to blitz the first 20 […]

How the ACT is Scored

Many of the students we work with don’t know how the ACT is scored. They’re accustomed to a 100 point grading scale, so a 36-point scale can seem quite confusing. Without knowing how these tests are scored, it becomes easy for students to expect too much gain from too little study. A one-point improvement can increase […]

7 Best Practices for In-House ACT Preparation

More and more states are requiring students to take the ACT in order to graduate high school. Accordingly, implementing ACT preparation within the limits of the classroom has never been more important. 1) Assessment: First Things First The first step to improving your students’ ACT results is to assess your students. Provide your students with a […]

Tips to Get Ready for Test Day

The way you prepare for your upcoming test date can make all the difference. Here are a few essentials to keep in mind: Sleep is key for a higher ACT score. Many students feel like they are in pain by the time they get to the last test section. They are completely exhausted! This can happen to […]