ASPIRE Tip of the Day

Run-Ons and Fragments Read the following sentence to find the best answer. Clues that some automobile designers have lost their originality being found in their car names: R8, LS460, and GTR.   A. NO CHANGE B. originality are C. originality, having been D. originality,   Scroll down or click here for the answer!     Students need practice […]

ACT Reading Tip of the Day

Natural Science Download and print the following passage. Your students will refer to it to answer the question.  From the passage “Our Disappearing Bees” by Robert Queenston The passage states that the pollinator conservationists at the Lockeford Plant Materials Center have successfully supported bee colonies by planting: A. corn and soybeans. B. hedges and fields […]

ACT English Tip of the Day

Transitions She forgot her homework in her locker, for her mother, more than a little annoyed, had to drive her back to school. F. NO CHANGE G. so H. but J. because   Scroll down or click here for the answer!     Students need practice decoding ACT® questions so they will not feel intimidated by […]

ACT Tip of the Day: Science Tuesday

Reading Charts and Graphs Download and print the following charts and graphs so your students can refer to them to answer the question below. Passage IV  Based on Figure 1, at approximately which time of day does a person’s brain receive the greatest influx of glucose? A.     8:30 AM B.     10:30 AM C.     1:30 PM […]

ACT Tip of the Day: Math Monday

Solving Equations: Word Problem Please solve the following word problem: The sum of the real numbers x and y is 15. Their difference is 3. What is the value of xy? A. 3 B. 6 C. 9 D. 15 E. 54

4 Test Taking Skills Your Teachers Can Learn in 10 Minutes

In this video, we share with you four test-taking strategies that are normally only shared with teachers during our ACT® professional development sessions. Your teachers can learn these strategies as they watch the video and immediately put them into practice to start increasing your students’ scores.   Fill out the form below to view our […]

101 Ways to Improve Student Motivation for the ACT

All the test prep in the world can’t make up for an unmotivated student. Learn ways to motivate your students to care and strive for success on the ACT® with the following tips: Cheer your students on! 17 ideas for getting students pumped about the ACT® throughout the year Do your students feel lost about […]