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Our Standard Package Includes:

  • 12 ACT® Essentials English & Reading Student Workbooks
  • 12 ACT® Essentials Math & Science Student Workbooks
  • 1 ACT® Essentials English & Reading Teacher Manual
  • 1 ACT® Essentials Math & Science Teacher Manual

    (You can add additional books on the order page.)

ACT® Essentials Classroom Set
Open the box and start teaching ACT prep in a 4-week course

Please note: Quantities are limited and provided on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are planning to use ACT Essentials this semester, we recommend that you place your order as early as possible. Got questions? Email craig@masteryprep.com

Proven Results

Our pilots of ACT Essentials have shown tremendous score gains in a 4–6 week timeframe for students with a wide range of starting scores.
Here are the highlights from a few of the pilot runs:

Dayton Public Schools

         Click here to download a more detailed breakdown of the pilot results.

Pricing:  $820 for a classroom set of 12

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How ACT Essentials Works

Here are a few reasons why ACT Essentials is able to help students average ACT gains between 2 and 4 points in as little as 4 weeks:

  • Time Management Strategies: Students who complete this course learn to better manage their time on the ACT. In ACT Essentials, we teach students the techniques they need to know to beat the clock.
  • Structure of the ACT: ACT Essentials helps students crack the code on the structure of the ACT. Students learn how the test is set up, what kinds of questions it asks, and how to follow the test directions (as well as when it's best not to!).
  • ACT-Specific Test-Taking Strategies: Some ACT test items can be tricky, but in ACT Essentials we show students how to use that fact to their advantage. Students learn powerful strategies that can double the effectiveness of their guesses and give them an edge on test day.
  • Lots of Authentic Practice Problems: Just because a student understands a grammar or math concept doesn't mean he or she is prepared for how it will be tested on the ACT. ACT Essentials practice questions exactly match the format and rigor of real ACT test questions, and each topic includes five times more practice questions than traditional test prep books.
  • Subject-Specific Tips and Strategies: ACT Essentials helps students make substantial gains in each subject area. For example:
  • How to ignore distractors in English and reading
  • How to avoid becoming confused by technical jargon and equations in the science section
  • Which math formulas students need to know

Lesson Contents

We have used our analysis of 10,000 real ACT test items and 10 million student answer responses to determine exactly what each lesson should focus on. That means you get the biggest bang for your classroom time "buck."

Chapter Preview

We're very excited about the easy-to-use and approachable design of our new materials. We believe that once you see them, you will agree.

Download Sample Chapter
Download Table of Contents

Click here to download the table of contents for each book.

Click here to download a sample chapter from each book with its corresponding teacher manual chapter and digital slide deck.

Download Breakdown of Dayton Public Schools Pilot Results
Watch Video Testimonial from Students of BRYC

Baton Rouge Youth Coalition

         Watch video testimonials from the students participating in the program.

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