Running Out of Time – Time-Management Tips for the ACT

Students do not have time on their side when taking the ACT. In this video, Oliver Pope, lead content creator at MasteryPrep, explains how the ACT goes against traditional education’s view on deep analysis and how students have to be retrained to read passages quickly to manage their time effectively for answering questions.  

Free ACT Practice Tests for the Tennessee October Retake

One of the most important strategies we discuss for the ACT is practice. We want students to become familiar with the rigor of the real ACT, and the best way to do that is to take the ACT. To help, we’ve listed two retired ACT practice tests which you can download and print for your […]

5 ACT Science Videos to Watch Before the ACT

Students and teachers alike can feel overwhelmed with trying to fully dive into the four sections of the ACT, and we’ve discovered that the science portion is universally among the hardest ones to study for. That’s why we’ve developed useful strategies that not only help break down the science portion of the ACT into manageable chunks […]

Improve ACT Reading Scores with 5 Must-Know Tips

During our development of our curriculums, we uncovered some pretty radical notions about the reading portion of the ACT. We want to share our favorite 5 with your students to help prepare them come test day.

6 ACT Math Tips You Need To Know

Despite hundreds of hours of intensely breaking down the math section, we can unabashedly admit that the math section is difficult. That is why we recommend students learn and master these important tips so that they can achieve the best score on the math section of the ACT. Below are 6 videos tips for you […]

How to Improve Your ACT English Score

By attending any of our ACT Boot Camps, workshops, or classes, students will receive many tips, tricks, and techniques that help them successfully prepare for and take the ACT. We’ve seen students who come to us perform better and score higher in all four subjects on the ACT. In today’s post, we’ll share with you […]

5 Reasons You Should Take the ACT

Although some students have a choice whether or not to take the ACT, many states have made it mandatory for every high school junior to take the test. This is actually a good thing! Before, only the students who already knew they were going to college typically took the ACT. Now that it’s mandatory, students […]